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Salmon (very similar to trout) is a large fish with pink, orange, or red flesh.

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Can store bought salmon be used for sashimi?

Is it safe to consume raw fish purchased at the fish counter of a typical suburban grocery store? If not, do you have any tips for finding sushi grade fish. Also, are there requirements for safe sushi/...
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What is the best time and temperature for taste when cooking a salmon fillet in the oven?

I have an Atlantic salmon fillet in my frig at the moment, but I really have no idea what the normal cooking temperature and time are for a salmon fillet. What's the best temp and time to cook a 1lb ...
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Besides salmon, what other meats can be grilled on a cedar plank?

I've fallen in love with this wonderful Cedar Planked Salmon recipe - the two times I've made it have turned out excellently! What other meats (or meat substitutes) can be grilled on cedar and not ...
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Hot Smoked Salmon on Big Green Egg

What is the best process/technique to use for hot smoking salmon on a smoker like the Big Green Egg?
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Are there any differences in cooking techniques for Farm raised Salmon versus Wild Salmon?

In the last couple of months my grocery store has started to sell Farm Raised Salmon and separating it from "Wild" Salmon. Any difference in cooking these two that I should be aware of?
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How do I know if my salmon fish is cooked properly?

I intend to cook some salmon fish over this weekend so that I can treat my friends and relatives. However, I saw this article -
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How to determine the "doneness" of salmon?

I, like most people, prefer fish to be cooked correctly. For salmon, this means soft and velvety (but warm) in the center -- what I would characterize as medium rare. I consistently overcook for two ...
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How do you prepare and grill blackened salmon?

I've never grilled blackened salmon before, but is there anything more involved than simply sprinkling blackened seasoning on both sides and grilling it for 5-7 minutes on each side?
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