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Salmon (very similar to trout) is a large fish with pink, orange, or red flesh.

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Is frozen Pacific Salmon wild?

The Guardian is reporting on the change to drop the word "farmed" from Scottish farmed salmon in the protected geographical indication scheme. It says: An application by the industry body ...
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Does the sugar used in the curing process of Gravlax add to the caloric value of the final product?

When making Gravlax, a mixture of sugar and salt is used to coat the fish and cure it. After the curing time has passed, the curing mixture is washed off together with any spices used and the excess ...
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Which side up (with skin or not) to put a salmon slice when microwaving?

It is a quick meal only of course but still interesting how better. There are raw salmon slices available for sale here. They are flat and have a skin on one side, that can be either upper or lower ...
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How to reduce/remove smell when cooking salmon fin soup?

I usually use simple recipes for salmon fin soup (tomato soup + salmon fin with some seasoning mostly). It tastes good but the smell of salmon fin is not. What should I do to reduce or remove the ...
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Does microwaving salmon soup exacerbate albumin release, why or what is this excessive white stuff?

If I immerse salmon in a bowel of water and microwave it I notice that a white froth quickly rises and builds to the top of the water. After the salmon is cooked there is an excessive amount of white ...
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