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Questions about the use of culinary salt in the kitchen.

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Salt block cooking coming out too salty

It's a lot of fun to cook on a salt block, but I find that when I cook meat on it, that the meat absorbs too much salt and taste badly salty. Especially if it is a smaller piece of meat, like a kabob. ...
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What is the expiration on Morton salt substitute?

From what I read it says online the use by date is 5 years. It is composed of potassium chloride, fumeric acid, tricalcium phosphate and monocalcium phosphate. I don't understand how these chemicals ...
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Cooking time for vegetables in plain water versus in a soup

I have consistently observed that a given vegetable simmering in a soup (that is, with multiple other vegetables and herbs, and usually salted) takes five to ten times longer to get soft than when the ...
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How do I substitute pink salt for Morton Tender Quick called for in recipe?

I have a recipe that calls for 1/4 cup Morton Tender Quick for 3 lbs of ribs. I cannot get Tender Quick, but I do have pink salt. I know that I must use much less pink salt, and probably also need to ...
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Is it possible, and if so, how can I preserve lean meat using only salt at home?

I have lean meat (4-5mm slices) which I would like to preserve using only salt. Is this possible to do at home? Do I need any kind of special curing salt or is regular fine? I really don't care ...
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Question about soft cures and curing salts

I was advised that your curing salts should be added 0.2% of the salt by weight, so if you have 125kg worth of koshering salt, that is 250grams of curing salt. Can the same be done when you have 100kg ...
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