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Questions tagged [sashimi]

Questions about preparing and serving sashimi - a type of sushi which includes raw meat, typically fish.

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If the supermarket farmed salmon says "Not for raw consumption" on the label, can I still use it to make sushi?

I have done my homework and read several reputable sources on this (e.g. this). The consensus on sushi-grade fish seems to be There is no real "sushi grade". It is a myth. Follow certain ...
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Is it safe to eat sushi with different toppings (cooked and raw) after 24h? [duplicate]

I have been reading posts in the internet, but it just made me more confused. My conclysions after reading several posts of different websites: Some say that sushi (the rice) with sashimi (raw fish) ...
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Fish for Sushi/Sashimi

I finally learned how to make Sushi at home. Here is a link to a recipe that shows how to prepare store bought salmon. I tried it and it works beautifully. The chef's speaking and tone are annoying, ...
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How can I tell if the Salmon I buy is safe to eat raw? [duplicate]

If I buy a piece of cold Salmon in a supermarket, and it doesn't say anything about being "Sashimi-grade" or having been deep-frozen at X degrees for Y time - how can I know whether it's safe to eat ...
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Overnight storing of raw fish

I discovered that I love raw fish. I'm planning to buy a sushi-grade fish to make myself a sashimi or poke but I wonder if there is method of bringing it for lunch to work after preparing it day ...
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Process fresh salmon into Sushi / Sashimi salmon?

I am a Sushi and Sashimi lover, especially salmon flesh. I recently bought some fresh salmon from Taobao. It's not frozen and has been kept around 4°C for 24h (during delivery). The product page said ...
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On the topic of eating raw fish and sashimi [duplicate]

So it has been widely accepted that raw fish or "Sushi-graded" fish must be frozen below $-37C$ for a certain period before they can be defrosted and eaten raw. I have heard that even fresh fish must ...
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Is it safe to use non-sashimi grade fish to make gravlax?

Background: I am trying to make gravlax, but some recipes I see use sashimi quality fish, and others do not, see: Recipe without sashimi quality fish:
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Fatty Tuna vs. Tuna

Why does fatty tuna cost more than lean tuna? Is it because some people think it tastes better?
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Eating raw fish: what are parasite infection risks really: how big?

I make sushi often, and i never use sushi-grade fish...i simply buy fresh fish from the market. I know the requisites of frozen for 20 hours etc., but I know for sure there are many restaurants in ...
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Fresh salmon that was frozen after: till when can it still be eaten raw

I always buy fresh salmon filet, cut it into pieces and put it in the freezer. I usually take a frozen piece cut it and eat it raw. My question is: for how long can a frozen salmon filet (frozen ...
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2 answers

Sushi / sashimi knives

I've been making sushi for a while at home and now decided to get a set of knives specifically for this purpose (as I have only a couple of general-purpose knives which are horrendous). The question ...
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How to dress sushi to better enhance all its flavours?

I would like to know what is the better way to dress sushi and sashimi. What I am looking for is how it was thought to be eaten and what are the ways a sushi piece is supposed to be dressed with soy ...
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What type of fish would be best suited for a trio pairing of sashimi, crudo and ceviche?

I am preparing a trio of fish to exemplify the different ways and methods of preparing fish without cooking it in a traditional manner. The three ways I am preparing said fish will be Sashimi, Crudo, ...
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Sashimi Recommendations?

I've recently been to China, and I've tasted an extraordinary dish I wasn't used to. Later, I've found out that the name is Sashimi, which is made with raw fish (salmon) and wasabi. Now I want to make ...
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