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What is the intended use for an extra deep skillet?

I had to resist purchasing a so-called "deep" cast iron skillet that was on sale for a good price because I couldn't imagine what I could do with it that I couldn't already to with my ...
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What kinds of stains are these and how do I remove them?

I recently bought an All-Clad D3 4qt sauce pan. I've used it exactly twice. I boiled water with the pot filled 2/3rd to 3/4ths of water and then once it was boiling I boiled spaghetti noodles in it ...
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How can I tell if a glass saucepan lid is oven safe?

I have a set of saucepas. I recalls from when I got them that the silicon handle is oven safe, so that you could put them under the grill to finish. But I don't recall if the glass lid is also oven-...
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Saucepan Accessory

When we cook our cholent (overnight stew), it sometimes dries out on top. For those who do not relish this part, I am looking for a stainless steel insert to my saucepan that will keep the solid ...
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Can I use a saucepan to cook non-liquid things, like making omelets?

I know that saucepans are good for cooking things in a liquid or with decent liquid content, but are they good for sauteing or making omelets, just things that don't involve little liquid?
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Burners too big on cooktop

I have a gas cooktop with 4.25" burners and it is propane and so it burns hot. The problem is that it is difficult to cook things in small saucepans, like the typical 5" saucepan because the flames do ...
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