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Home sausage making

I have been attempting to make home beef sausages. I have pretty much did everything according to the playbook. (Cure, spices salt, casing, etc.). However due to climate I cannot dry them outside (I ...
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How can I make seitan sausages from a homemade seitan block?

So far I have made washed flour seitan blocks from wheat flour and seitan sausages from a seitan flour and chickpeas mixture. I would like to use my homemade seitan block instead of the seitan flour ...
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A white yellowish filling in my sausage

What is the filling in my sausage? I am thinking fat. What do you think?
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Mcdonald's Sausage patty - brined?

I've been trying make my own sausage patty recipe for some time now. But recently, after eating a Sausage McMuffin, I wondered if Mcdonald's uses brined pork sausage for their sausage patties. After ...
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