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Are Yukon Gold Potatoes available throughout the year

Is the Yukon Gold Potato a seasonal potato offering? It seems like up to a month ago I could find them anywhere but now POOF, nowhere has them, and when asking in stores they keep telling me they have ...
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Christmas-ifying seafood linguine

How would you modify seafood linguine to give it a holiday twist? I am cooking and some of my conservative guests are in shock after hearing the menu. How can I mollify them?
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Is eggnog just a milkshake?

Last year I tried eggnog for the first time, following a homemade recipe involving egg, cream and sugar. The result tasted like a thin vanilla ice-cream milkshake (with spices and alcohol). Recipes ...
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Traditional Easter Turkey

I was talking to my butcher today who told me that lamb is a fairly recent favourite at Easter and that turkey used to be traditional (in England) I spoke to my mum and she confirmed that her parents ...
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Very bitter avocados

For a while now, I have been dealing with nasty tasting avocados. Some tasting so bitter, I start to gag and cannot continue eating them. I do not remember them tasting this way before September. Is ...
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Good websites/cookbooks covering more tailored approach to cooking vegetables? [closed]

The produce I get in weekly CSA box are all quite unique. I get at least 3 different kinds of kale, 4 different kinds of lettuce, and so on. Even with the same kind of lettuce, sometimes it's young ...
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Seville oranges for marmalade - how important is freshness?

We're currently (in January) in the brief season for seville oranges which means it's marmalade making time. I acquired some sevilles as soon as they appeared in the shops here a week ago. However ...
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How to get threads in a yeast dough?

I think I may make some traditional food for Easter this year. What I love most is a type of rich sweet bread called kozunak. The perfect kozunak is defined by many qualities, but what I find hardest ...
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Does milk (fat) change in Winter?

I've noticed that, all of a sudden, my chocolate chip cookies are spreading more than usual. I was wondering if the (organic) butter that I'm using could be affected by the season.
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