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Can I skip cooking vegetables for curry if I plan to freeze it?

Many curry recipes I came across involve frying and then boiling vegetables before mixing with roux. I presume that’s to damage the cells to impart the juice (and soften the vegetables). However, ...
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Tools to peel and crush a whole garlic bulb

I'm conscious of this other question, yet this is (veritably) a different question that doesn't duplicate. What are some tools or appliances that peel an entire garlic bulb? Are there any for ...
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Alternatives to massaging fresh kale?

I plan on making a raw kale salad for a large group and was wondering if there is another technique besides massaging it with my hands, which will likely get sore after breaking down a large quantity ...
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Making Subway-like salads at home w/ zero work

I often buy salads at Subway because I'm lazy. However, I'm also cheap, and Subway's markup on salads is quite high. I want to buy items at a supermarket and simply mix them together to make a ...
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Is there a faster/less messy way to stuff manicotti/canneloni?

I've had all the ingredients for stuffed manicotti sitting around in my kitchen for the past 2 days but keep putting it off because I absolutely dread the whole stuffing process. I usually start off ...
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How can I make sifting easier?

I'm at the point where I will completely avoid certain recipes simply because they require sifting and I find it incredibly tedious. Is there a better method? A better tool? A magic sifter?
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Is there a technique for glacé (glazing) that could speed up the process?

I saw a recipe for glacéing (is that a word?) cherries, and at one stage they required anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks soaking time. Are there any techniques that could speed this up, or am I just ...
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How can I peel pearl onions quickly?

I love pearl onions, but I'm always put off by the idea of peeling every single one. Are there any shortcuts to peeling pearl onions?
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Are there any techniques to "cheat" at cooking a risotto?

Cooking a risotto takes a fair amount of attention and work, adding stock a ladle at a time with almost constant stirring. The chemical process behind this makes sense to me. Are there any ways to ...
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How do you peel garlic easily?

How should I approach peeling a clove of garlic to get the skin off most quickly? Is it different if I'm doing a bulb whole?
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