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My silicone mold got moldy. Can I clean it or should I throw it away?

I've tried to google for an answer, but it's hard because mold has two meanings and in this case I'm using both. Some dessert got left in a silicone mold (shaping device) in the back of the fridge, ...
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Why does smell of curry 'stick' to silicone utensils?

Today I cooked curry with silicone utensils and it seems the smell doesn't go no matter how much I scrub it with dish soap. Googling tells me that boiling the utensils or scrubbing it with a paste of ...
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Coating a silicone mold in chocolate glaze

I wanted to make chocolate-covered quark sweets, using a recipe from Youtube. The recipe involves mixing 160 g melted chocolate with 60 g oil, then coating a silicone mold with it and placing it in ...
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Silicone molds: transportation and storage

I'm not quite sure if this is a proper question for this website, but I hope it is. My question regards silicone molds you'd use in patisserie for baking (like cakes) or freezing (like mousses). I am ...
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What adhesive should I use to repair a glass and silicone cake mould

I have a silicon and glass cake mould with the round base made of glass with some silicone feet and a detachable rim made of silicone. One of the feet came lose and dropped off. What glue I can use ...
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