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How do I establish how many chickens fit on my rotisserie?

I have a large rotisserie BBQ with double skewers side by each. I would like to get an idea of how many whole chickens I can roast at the same time. The skewers can fit about 5 small chickens (3-4 lbs)...
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If I grill a bacon-wrapped chicken skewer, does a significant amount of bacon fat seeps into the poultry?

I have cubes of chicken breast wrapped in bacon in a footlong bamboo skewer grilled in an electrical barbecue grill. One of my guests said that if you remove the bacon and eat only the chicken, you ...
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How can a tandoor oven cook skewered meat evenly

I am going to build or buy a tandoor. Before I invest, I have done some research into how to cook in one. The part that confuses me is, all the video's I have seen, show the skewers in the tandoor ...
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Can you season skewers after cooking them?

Firstly, I write, not cook. A character in my story drugs some honey chicken skewers, saying it's seasoning in front of my protagonist. Would it be okay if he was called out about it or are there ...
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What is the history of souvlaki and is there any benefit in cooking meat on a skewer?

I'm wondering about the origin of souvlaki. Was it only something of a convenience (easy to cook lots of pieces together)? Or does this way of grilling lead to better results, as opposed to just ...
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What sort of kebab is used with Chellow Kebab?

I came across the following picture in wikipedia the entire serving was being called Chellow Kebab without separately naming the Kebab Variety. I would like to know the name of the Kebab as ...
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What are the best type of skewers to use for ground meat kebabs?

We like to make ground meat kebabs. I usually use all ground lamb, but occasionally will use a mixture of lamb and beef or lamb and bison. I have tried wooden skewers (both small and large) and ...
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