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27 votes
4 answers

Is the yellow skin of a raw chicken indicating that it has been dyed?

Yellow skin in raw chicken is seen is some parts of Mexico and I was wondering if that color is obtained using dyes. I've done lots of research both online and asking people who have knowledge about ...
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12 votes
4 answers

How do you make pork rinds?

The little bit I currently know is that they're fried pig skins. However, beyond that it's just a bunch of hand-waving on my part. Do you buy pig skin from a butcher? Is there a special type you ...
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23 votes
7 answers

Why did butternut squash make my fingers dry and yellow?

Last weekend I made butternut squash soup. In an experiment to get more of the squash browned I peeled two medium squash and cut them into 2 inch chunks, rather than just halving it, before roasting ...
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10 votes
6 answers

Why remove the skin and seeds of a tomato?

Many recipes ask for peeled and seeded tomatoes, which I find both wasteful and too hard work. What is the point of removing seeds and skin of tomatoes? Just texture and presentation? Or can it ...
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