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Questions tagged [slow-cooking]

Questions around slower, normally lower temperature cooking methods. Covers preparations, techniques, risks, advantages and equipment.

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2 answers

What is the best cut of beef to use for stews?

What cut of beef should I use for a beef stew? I heard that you want a little bit of fat in the meat, but what part the animal is best to use?
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Slow cooking without a slow cooker

I frequently hear people telling me about how wonderful their slow cookers (AKA "crock pot") are. In many cases they're right - meat that tends to come out tough in normal cooking comes out very ...
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Is there any danger to letting food cook in a slow cooker for a very long time?

I've recently started using a slow cooker and I was thinking about recipes that could be cooked for days. My main concern is if there are any side effects for leaving food cooking for days that would ...
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At what point is a beef stew being overcooked?

I made beef stew last night in my slow cooker. At seven hours I felt like it wasn't ready so I set an alarm to wake me up at ten hours and moved it into the fridge around 1 AM. Let's say I left it ...
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How can I adapt slow-cooker recipes to allow more pre-preparation?

I started to ask about adapting slow-cooker recipes for longer cook times, but noticed there were a few questions about that already that look helpful. My next question is about how to prep a slow ...
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What temperature should a crock pot slow cooker cook at?

I have a crock pot that will generate a low boil on the "Low" setting and dries out anything that is cooked for a long period. I'm wondering if the temperature regulator is too high, but I can't know ...
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15 votes
8 answers

Can I Brown Beef For Slow Cooking the Night Before

Many slow cooker recipes suggest that beef be browned before being added to the slow cooker, which is definitely better for the flavor of the dish. I've always believed that this browning must occur ...
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Split pea soup won't soften. Any way to soften the peas without burning?

I am trying to make split pea soup. The first time I did it the peas softened just fine but the soup was scorched. I am trying again but at a lower heat, and the peas are refusing to soften. ...
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2 answers

Should a roast be covered in liquid in a slow-cooker?

My roommate put a hunk of beef roast in the slow-cooker for a good 6 hours. It's a fairly large sized slow-cooker, at least 8 quarts. The meat was cooked through but very chewy, and I never remember ...
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Used warm setting by accident [duplicate]

I put some uncooked stew meat and veggies on this morning and left for 5 hours. When I came home I realized it was only set on warm. Is my meat safe to eat? I have now put it on the stove to cook.
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10 answers

Do slow cookers require liquid to operate?

I have a Butterball turkey breast roast that I'd like to cook tomorrow, and I'm planning to do it in my slow cooker. The recipe as provided online is the same one that is on the turkey packaging: ...
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9 answers

Can I put frozen meat in a slow cooker?

I was wondering if I can put meat directly from the freezer into a slow-cooker. I want to be able to put chicken in the slow-cooker without having to let it defrost for a whole day in the fridge. It ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Do canned kidney beans contain Toxins?

I'm attempting my first slow-cook today but, of course right after I started it, I read that there's some nasty chemical in uncooked kidney and cannellini beans that can cause vomiting. And apparently ...
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11 votes
13 answers

Sous vide without plastic bags?

I really like the idea of cooking steak using sous vide. However, I am very wary of heating food up together with plastic, and then eating the food, as I believe that at high temperatures, chemicals ...
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2 answers

Differences between rice/pressure/multi/slow cooker?

I'm really confused about what these products are supposed to do, and if some products can do the same as others in the following list. What are the differences between the following devices? Rice ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Do I need to adjust slow cooker recipes for high altitude?

I live at a high altitude and love to use my slow cooker, but I don't think the meals are coming out as expected when I follow the recipes. Do I need to adjust the recipes for high altitudes?
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4 votes
2 answers

Cooking kidney beans in a slow cooker, how do I make sure they're safe?

I'm making 15 bean soup from a bagged dry bean mix that contains red kidney beans. Following the instructions, I soaked them overnight and threw out the water, but then thought I'd be clever and throw ...
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2 answers

Is it safe to prepare a crock pot recipe the night before?

I'm looking at slow cooking a beef stew on a workday. The stew includes raw beef. Recipe: Is it safe to combine the ingredients the ...
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2 answers

How can I filter out unwanted particles in my chicken broth?

I often like to cook an entire chicken in water in a crockpot. After the chicken is done cooking, I remove all the meat and then throw the bones & organs back in, pour some extra water in, and let ...
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What is the difference between roasting, baking, and broasting?

For example, when making a turkey for Thanksgiving, I generally place it in the oven (covered in foil or a turkey bag), and cook it for many hours at the recommended heat setting. I can crock-pot a "...
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2 answers

Is it ok to leave a slow cooker unattended?

Is it safe to leave a slow cooker (Crock-Pot) on unattended (for example, while you're at work and no one is home)? Or is that a fire hazard?
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5 answers

If a recipe calls for canned beans and I want to use dried beans, what do I need to do to the dried beans first?

This is for chili in a slow cooker and I'll be using red beans of some kind--kidney I suppose. I know I need to soak them, but do they need to be pre-cooked too?
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2 answers

Can I cook a slow cooker recipe on high instead of low, but for shorter time?

This morning, I was supposed to prepare our chili recipe for tonight in the slow cooker, but I have forgotten. Now it's too late to start the recipe as usual and cook it on low. However, it's not ...
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6 answers

Storage after slow cooking

I love my slow cooker but cooling food seems to take forever. Usually, I just pop the crock into the oven (no heat) and store until the next morning. So we're talking from 9PM (I eat dinner late) ...
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3 answers

Slow cooker lid gasket smell

I bought a Hamilton Beach slow cooker a while ago. I never had success with it since all the stuff that I made didn't smell good. I finally figured out that it was the rubber gasket on the lid that ...
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5 answers

How do you keep corned beef from falling apart in the crockpot?

I cooked 3.5 pounds of corned beef in the crock pot last week with the intentions of making reubens. Taste wise the dish was great, but the corned beef fell apart and I did not get those pretty deli ...
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Advice for low temperature cooking

I want to try out low temperature cooking of some meat, e.g. beef I don't have a reliable oven and am looking for advice before starting. Or alternatives to ovens. I heard some people use meat in ...
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slow cooker / crock pot temperature confusion (everything boils)

On a whole I'd like someone to explain how slow cooker / crock pot recipes are supposed to work? I mean they tell you to cook xxx all day on high, or yyy for 6 hours on high then switch to low, etc, ...
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When cooking pulled pork in a slow cooker, should the meat be submerged in liquid? [duplicate]

I am making pulled pork in my slow cooker this week. I am going to use a pork shoulder and am planning on cooking it on low for 8-10 hours while at work. How much liquid should I put in the slow ...
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3 answers

What is the charcoal snake method and how does it work?

I've read in places about using something called the charcoal snake method for slow smoking in a kettle bbq. What is it and how does it even work? Here's an example picture.
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I'm Making Chicken stock. How can I keep the chicken meat/bones from rising above the water line?

I'm using chicken wings to make a stock, but they want to float up to the top above the water line. Any kitchen hacks to keep them submerged??
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4 votes
2 answers

Why are my beef short ribs still chewy after 5 hours?

In short: Kamado at 250-275f Short Ribs in for 4-5 hours The ribs have a layer of meat, then a small layer of fat, and then the meat on the ribs themselves. The top layer gets reasonably soft ...
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6 answers

How should chuck roast be grilled to maximize tenderness?

Forgive me if this question has been asked before, I did a search and did not find it. I have cut up a chuck roast into steak slices (relatively thin, maybe half an inch), tenderized it and marinated ...
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Which cuts of beef are suitable for slow cooking methods?

If I want to simmer or braise a piece of beef for a few hours, how do I choose suitable meat? Which of the usual cuts are great, which are adequate, and which ones will just turn tough? It would be ...
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Is slow cooking in an oven safe with long cooking times

I've been reading about slow cooking in an oven and I have some questions. We cook meat until it reaches a certain temperature; we can assume this temperature is deemed safe by food experts! However, ...
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2 answers

Crockpot recipe when converting temperature from low to high?

I have a crockpot recipe for burritos, located here, that I really want to make. It says to cook the mixture on low heat for 6-10 hours but that is too long/short. I really want to convert the recipe ...
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Can I slow cook a 3.25 beef roast for 4 hours on high, refridgerate in the crock pot overnight and then cook on low again in the morning for 4 hours?

Can I slow cook a 3.25 beef roast (not browned) with vegetables for 4 hours on high, refrigerate in the crock pot overnight, and then cook on low again in the morning for 4 hours? I am new to cooking ...
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Is it safe to put fresh hot soup in a glass mason jar?

I make soup in a slow cooker and I'd like to store individual servings. If I take the freshly made hot soup from the slow cooker and ladle it into mason jars and screw down the lids, is that safe? I ...
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What is the target internal temperature of pork back ribs for maxium tenderness?

Although there are many variations for how to cook 'baby back' ribs, there seems to be scant information concerning the target internal temperature of the meat when finished. The question may be ...
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What are the differences between slow cooking and poaching a chicken soup and how does slow cooking/poaching soup affect salt absorbtion?

1.What is the difference between poaching and slow cooking? I believe in poaching you are meant to remove chicken 20 minutes after boiling so the meat doesn't dry out while In slow cooking I believe ...
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