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Questions around slower, normally lower temperature cooking methods. Covers preparations, techniques, risks, advantages and equipment.

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slow cooking with tabasco peppers

I'm cooking 4.5 lb of chicken in a slow cooker. I've yielded some tabasco peppers from the garden, poked holes in them with a fork, and add them to the liquid. Will this blow me out of the water? Will ...
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Slow Cooked Pork Tenderloin

I am using a recipe for pork tenderloin that calls for 2 pounds of meat cooked for 1-2 hours in a slow cooker to 145 degrees. I want to increase the amount of meat in the slow cooker to 6 pounds of ...
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Is it safe to use flax thread for cooking?

I was not able to get hold of hemp thread and so I bought flax (100%) thread instead. It smells a bit funny, but is it safe to use for cooking? I plan to use it for a bouquet.
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