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1 answer

Energy bar is too soft

I'm trying to make a recipe for an energy bar that can keep it's form, doesn't melt in above-average temperature, and doesn't stick to the teeth. I want to use a minimum amount of ingredients. For ...
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Name of the snack (possibly Indian)

I wanted to ask if anyone have any idea what is the name of that snack that can be seen on top of a salad, between burgers. I know the name in my country, but now, in Canada I can't find it anywhere. ...
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Looking for the name of an orange crunchy snack

The snack I'm talking about has an exterior similar to Chinese sweet and sour pork. However, its shape is long and spindly. There is no meat in it. It is just the dough part. It is a bit sour and it ...
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What's the difference between dried split peas and dried snack peas such as wasabi peas?

Wasabi peas (and similar snacks) appear to just be dried green peas (coated in wasabi). Similarly, dried green split peas are also dried green peas (that have been split). So why is it that wasabi ...
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How to prepare this (Chinese) snack?

I've bought a bag of small dried and salted fish at my local Chinese market. My guess was that the thingies could be eaten right out of the box, but they are too bony and salty. I guess they need ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Name for turning ingredients to powder / mush, and then molding back into their original shape

Is there a name for the technique of turning an ingredient into a homogeneous mass, and then molding it back into its original shape, or the shape of a less-processed form of that ingredient? Examples:...
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Wasabi (peas) brussel sprouts?

I was wondering how successfully the formula of wasabi peas can be applied to other green vegetables? I'm familiar with them as a snack in some pubs in England, the peas become hard and crunchy, and '...
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What’s the science behind thenkuzhal (its a crispy snack, crispy hollow tubes)?

How/why does the hollow form inside this crispy snack? It is made from rice flour dough. For more details please check
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1 vote
2 answers

How to achieve freeze dried strawberry flakes?

I was following this really cool recipe to make a kind of snack made mostly of granola, coconut flour and freeze dried strawberries. When done right, it seems to be really photogenic, here is a ...
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3 answers

How to prepare an easy and fast snack rich in protein? [closed]

I'm going to the gym, usually, everyday. I'm looking for a simple and easy snack, something that I can carry with me to work, to the office, and would help me to recover from my workout. :) I know ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Is it possible to make "finely ground corn flour"? I'm a beginner DIY-er homecook who would like to make everything I eat without setting foot in a supermarket.
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1 vote
1 answer

How to make 'proper' Caribbean Roti

Having been around the Caribbean a few times I got used to eating Roti from street vendors. Normally young guys and girls who would make them at home, put them into an insulated box and sell them on ...
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Are there any snacks that use a large amount of black sesame seeds?

A dietician I was working with recommended eating 3 tbsp a day of black sesame seeds. If I can't do that, I'd at least like to do 1-2. Are there any snacks that uses a lot of black sesame seeds that I ...
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5 answers

Sardines as a snack [closed]

We like to eat sardines with crackers for a lunchtime snack. What are some good sauces and toppings for sardines?
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3 answers

Can a food contain 'extra' sodium?

I have always heard how food companies deliberately add 'extra' sodium to make foodstuffs like fried snacks and instant noodles addictive. But my question is, if I were to make the same food at home, ...
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How to decode some less common food Expiration Manufactured codes (US)? [closed]

How do I decode these codes? 206 X4A1 14:57 and 206V
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Wafer paper for nougat

I would like to make nougats, but it can be a messy affair if their is no wafer paper. Does anyone have any tips or can anyone give a recipe for making wafer paper for nougat?
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2 answers

How to clump store-bought granola?

I purchase granola from the store and like to snack on it as an alternative to chips. At the top of the bag, most of the granola are bite-size and easy to pick out. But towards the end of the bag, it ...
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