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Are Ramshorn Snails edible?

I find websites telling me that many but not all sea snails are edible. I'm wondering if the Ramshorn variety is edible?
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How to best transport bulots - sea snails aka welks?

I've just bought 2 kg bulots in France and would like to drive them home over 1000 km. What's the best option to preserve them? freeze keep in cool* water (car has an electric but weak coolbox) cook ...
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How do I know if escargot is fully cooked?

I recently had escargot the first time at at buffet. It wasn't piping hot but I was able to pull the meat out of the shell easily and it was chewy. There are bits of black here and there on the meat. ...
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How to quickly prepare snails?

How to quickly prepare fresh snails? I've heard snails must be soaked in salted water for a few hours in order to remove the mucus but a friend of mine suggested that the ones in shells can be simply ...
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What types of snails are made into Escargot?

I am aware that not all snails are edible. Generally speaking, what types of snails are used to make Escargot? What qualities of the snail makes it a good candidate for Escargot. In addition, what ...
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