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Why does Member's Mark Frozen cod have 340mg of sodium while other frozen cod is 75-110mg per serving?

I've compared other brands and even some others from Sam's that have nowhere near the sodium.
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2 answers

Revisiting bread without added salt

I have been a sourdough baker and now I'm required to keep my sodium under 1,500 mg a day. (My body retains sodium and wastes potassium). Bread is one of the higher sodium foods. Before I start ...
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High sodium Udon noodles

I am on a low sodium diet. Does soaking noodles with too much sodium and dumping the soak water before cooking reduce the sodium level?
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3 answers

Can a food contain 'extra' sodium?

I have always heard how food companies deliberately add 'extra' sodium to make foodstuffs like fried snacks and instant noodles addictive. But my question is, if I were to make the same food at home, ...
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Low-sodium Thai Dishes [closed]

I need to cook dinner for a group that includes someone on a strict low-sodium kidney recovery diet. I'd really like to prepare Thai food, since she hasn't been able to go to a Thai restaurant since ...
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What kind of reaction when you combine sodium bicarbonate and sodium acid pyrophosphate?

Is it a single reaction slow raising agent? It only activates when on a heat right? My product is a Chinese fried dough known as youtiao... And also going to add with ammonia bicarbonate
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2 votes
2 answers

Why using ammonia bicarbonate and baking powder for deep fried bakery product?

This is my main bakery product: I have been importing the raising agents. But now I can't import anymore... From my experience, the recipe used 2 kinds of ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Amount (percentage of sodium in meat being cooked) of sodium left in water (broth) after cooking meat

On a low sodium diet (AFib and Congestive Heart Failure)- cooking stew- want to use the stock as a broth substitute- how do I figure the amount of sodium from the meat left in the broth?
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5 votes
6 answers

How can I make low sodium (140mg or less per serving) pancakes / waffles?

I work with heart failure patients who have to limit their sodium intake, but still would like to enjoy some of their favorite foods. How can I reduce the sodium (to 140mg or less) in pancakes and ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How much salt is absorbed by meat during brining?

Has anyone created a table of sodium absorbtion during brining vs. other contributing factors such as brining time, meat type, salt ratio, etc. I'd like to be able to compute how much sodium is ...
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Low-sodium alternatives for Asian cooking sauces?

I love Asian cooking, but my doctor wants me on a low-sodium diet. Unfortunately, even the "lower-sodium" or "reduced sodium" versions of sauces (soy, tamari, etc.) are extremely high in sodium. Is ...
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Does washing kimchi with water reduce the sodium content much?

Does washing kimchi just before eating it reduce its sodium content much, or do I have to put it in water overnight or several days?
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4 votes
5 answers

Is all sausage considered a "Processed Meat"?

Over the years, I've read a lot of health information that says processed meats are some of the worst foods for you from a fat, sodium, and nitrate intake perspective. Then I read that Sausage is a ...
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13 votes
4 answers

Is MSG necessary or what to replace it with?

I have always heard that you should stay away MSG. For example when buying bouillon crystals we should always make sure that it doesn't contain MSG. Yet I came across this recipe for spinach soup that ...
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What are some good substitutes for salt for those on low sodium diets?

I try to keep my sodium intake fairly low to ensure that my blood pressure doesn't get too high. Salt is such a common part of cooking, and it's especially difficult to cook Asian-style food without ...
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