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Eggs whites on top and side of yolk

When I make a sunny side egg, I notice that the yolk can be sunny side up and ready to eat, yet sometimes there is what seems to be a "ring" of egg white around the perimeter of the yolk and ...
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How to soft boil eggs with a countertop egg steamer?

Having misplaced the custom measuring cup for an "egg steamer" device, not quite sure how to steam eggs. Desired result: so that: The perfect soft-boiled egg should have firm, custard-like whites ...
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Are soft boiled eggs and poached eggs identical?

Today I heard from a friend, that poached eggs are simply glorified soft-boiled eggs and that there is no way to distinguish between the two except for the form. The only reason anyone does poached ...
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Can you peel a soft boiled egg?

Is there anything other than the temperature of the shell making it difficult to peel? I'm sure the white would be firm enough to withstand a gentle peeling if you're careful? I was hypothesizing ...
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Soft Boiled Egg Science

I've heard that the white part of an egg cooks (solidifies) at about 63°C (145°F). I've heard that the yolk cooks at about 68°C (154°F). Is this true? Also what chemicals do the white and yolk ...
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How to soft boil an egg

Is there a fool proof way to make sure the white of the egg is set but either all or some of the yolk remains runny?
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