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meal planning software with collaboration and sharing

Me and my wife are technophiles. We've had a fair amount of success organizing aspects of our life using RememberTheMilk for lists and google calendar for a shared calendar. Recently we've wanted to ...
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What should one look for in the license terms of a crowdsourced recipe website?

I'm looking into uploading my recipes to "the cloud" via a crowdsourced-website. I have been trying to understand the ramifications of the licenses and terms of service. As I do not currently have ...
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How do I calculate the nutritional values of a recipe?

I love to cook and experiment with recipes. While I'm aware that calories are not a perfect measure of what makes you gain weight and what doesn't, I would still love to have a rough idea of the ...
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Looking for meal-planning / grocery list software

I'm looking for software (either PC-based, or web-based) that can be used for meal planning and generating shopping lists. What I'd like is for it to store recipes that I have, including their ...
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Digital recipes storage? [closed]

What works well for storing recipes digitally? Software and web solutions are both welcome. For me, the ideal solution would accept recipes from different sources (copy/paste, or email) in any ...
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