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A soup is a dish obtaining most of its flavor from a liquid created by extracting flavor from solids such as meat and vegetables.

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Why is my lobster bisque white?

I cooked a few living Atlantic lobsters in water for 2-3 minutes. Before cooking they were bluish, after cooking red, as normal. I halved and fried them in butter, the served them. We had a bucket ...
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Is there a way to get rid of that sulfur-y, fart-bomb-like smell form cooking daikon?

Made a chinese-style daikon soup in a pressure cooker, and it left an sulfury odor reminiscent to a subtle fart bomb. I know veges and roots that have sulfuric compounds tend to do this. Is there a ...
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Substituting sour trahana for kashk

Kashk (also Kishik) is a form of dried yogurt used all over the middle east and central Asia as an ingredient. Sour Trahana is a second dried milk product used in Greece and the middle east. Where I ...
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Cooking time for vegetables in plain water versus in a soup

I have consistently observed that a given vegetable simmering in a soup (that is, with multiple other vegetables and herbs, and usually salted) takes five to ten times longer to get soft than when the ...
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Roast tomato soup without broth/stock

I am trying to make a vegetarian roast tomato and basil soup without using vegetable stock. A chef friend suggested making a mirepoix of vegetables, sweating them slowly, adding the roasted tomatoes ...
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Why did my roasted pumpkin soup smell foul and seem sour after only 1/2 day?

I made 2 batches of roasted pumpkin soup and both went sour and smelt horrible within 1/2 day. I am unsure why and am baffled as I have made soups heaps of times, but not this roasted pumpkin soup.
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I am making squash bisque it calls for 1 cup of flour can I use 1 to 1 instead?

The recipe calls for. 5 cups diced butternut squash, 1 cup of butter, 5 cups chicken broth 1 cup half and half 1 cup regular flour Spices
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How to reduce/remove smell when cooking salmon fin soup?

I usually use simple recipes for salmon fin soup (tomato soup + salmon fin with some seasoning mostly). It tastes good but the smell of salmon fin is not. What should I do to reduce or remove the ...
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Does microwaving salmon soup exacerbate albumin release, why or what is this excessive white stuff?

If I immerse salmon in a bowel of water and microwave it I notice that a white froth quickly rises and builds to the top of the water. After the salmon is cooked there is an excessive amount of white ...
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Will Simmering Help/Harm Pumpkin soup?

I am making cream of pumpkin soup. I need to go do the weeks shopping and also get the cream I forgot. (Cream is added in the last step of my recipie) The recipie I am using calls for it to be ...
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Is this a reasonable tasting substitute for chicken broth?

Some vegans were given meat-filled dishes to eat during childhood, such as ham sandwiches and chicken soup. For purposes of nostalgia, the former omnivores, turned vegan, enjoy the taste of chicken ...
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