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Culture of yeast and lactobacilli in a flour/water mixture, used to leaven bread (also known as levain)

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From regular fresh yeast to sourdough

I know that there are formulas for switching from and to sourdough and or preferments, but even though my library grows I haven't found such a formula. I have a general idea of the fact that a ...
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Why does my sourdough starter have in the top the liquid separated from the flour?

Why does my sourdough starter have in the top the liquid separated from the flour? 2 days after beginning a new one, a liquid (water) appeared on top of it, it appeared after I fed it the first time. ...
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How to get more lactic acid vs acetic acid in sourdough?

I want to start a sourdough culture with wheat flour. I don't want the vinegar taste to be too pronounced. What can I do to create a culture which produces a high ratio of lactic to acetic acid?
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Make sourdough starter without discarding

I understand the point of discarding half the sourdough starter as the yeast develops so that you don't have exponential amounts of starter. Why not start with a half ounce of flour and just add the ...
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How to use sourdough starter?

A week ago I mixed 1 part AP flour 1 parts tap water, keeping it at room temperature (18-24c). I've been discarding a bit and feeding it 1:1 daily. The last few days, the next 4-6 hours after I feed ...
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Will my results differ when using a sourdough starter vs poolish for pizza dough?

I've read about differing techniques for getting the best flavor, texture, and chewiness in my pizza crust. One of the commonly suggested routes is to include a sourdough starter as part of the ...
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How to Judge the Appropriate Feeding Schedule for Immature Sourdough Starter

I am a week into the development of sourdough starter. I initiated the starter on spring water and a flour mixture that is 1/2 whole grain rye (Hodgson Mill) and 1/2 whole grain wheat (King Arthur). ...
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How frequently should I feed my sourdough starter?

I am growing my first sourdough starter. It is a week old, but it isn't very active. My concern is that I might be feeding it too frequently or too infrequently. I could see it going either way. The ...
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What happens if I forget to feed my sourdough starter?

Is there something wrong that can happen if I forget to feed my sourdough starter? I kinda forgot to do it twice, but it still appears to have a few bubbles in it. Previously it contained hooch, which ...
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How to grow sourdough starter for increased production?

I am a commercial baker, and we are going through lots of sourdough starter. But I wanted some ideas or help for growing sourdough starter without throwing away lots of starter. Will the sourdough ...
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My sourdough starter split in 2 on the 3rd day. What should I do?

I have fed it first after 24h and it grew nicely. And on the 2nd morning after I woke up I saw this: Should I keep the upper half? or simply start a new batch? I have used the following formula: ...
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