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Questions tagged [sourdough]

Questions regarding baking and working with wild yeasts and starters (also known as levains or chefs).

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Dough loses flexibility and strength once mixed with starter and starts raising

I've watched many videos on making sourdough bread and in most of the cases it looks like the elasticity and strength of the dough is not affected by the starter. In my case, it doesn't work like that....
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Effect of ethanol concentration on bread flavor

What is the effect of ethanol concentration on bread flavor? According to this stackexchange post the majority of the ethanol produced by yeast evaporates during baking, so in theory the ethanol ...
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Sourdough starter in hot climate

I live in a hot climate. Days average 85-90 F and nights only get down to 75 F lately. I started a SD starter from scratch 6 days ago. Using the King Arthur recipe found online, and whole wheat ...
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How should I adapt recipes according to the amount of sourdough starter?

I use the starter irregularly, therefore the amount I take to make the dough changes every time: I work by taking a fixed amount of starter to feed further, and by using all the rest in the recipe. ...
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Can one use a mix of white rice flour with regular white flour sourdough to make a pizza crust? If so then what ratio might be the best?

I have a regular active sourdough (comprising 50% fermented white wheat flour and 50% water by weight) which is obviously not really malleable as a dough but rather liquid-ish, and I did not like the ...
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My homemade sourdough bread tastes bitter after letting it stay for one day

I do sourdough bread at home, and through the process, I've tasted lots of not-yet-baked breads. Also, tasted someone else's sourdough bread, which was quite good. Now, I'm in the stage where I can ...
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Feeding my starter so that it will be ready when I need it

I have mature starter that I've been using for awhile. I'm planning on baking tomorrow, so I started to prepare the starter by leaving it at room temperature and feeding it every 12 hours yesterday ...
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What is a good feeding schedule for a "creamy" sourdough starter?

I was given a sourdough starter from a bakery that was excellently "creamy" and had light fruity notes, as opposed to a highly acidic starter. My understanding is that a creamy starter ...
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Wheat sourdough starter - "swamp" smell

Some time ago I have grown my own sourdough starter fed with 50/50 wholemeal rye & all-purpose wheat flour (with 100% hydration). It turned out great, it normally grows a bit over 2x in volume ...
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Remedy a sourdough which used milled red winter wheat

I followed a sourdough recipe that said to use bread flour, I thought a hard red winter wheat ran through our grain mill would suffice if I sifted out the bran... Apparently not. Is there any way to ...
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Levain Ratio x Sour

I always used the 1:2:2 ratio in preparing the dough, of course, it always gets sourer. I have doubts about some proportions that I have found in some books, but I cannot find the explanation of why. ...
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What is the optimal autolyse time for sourdough?

I would like to know if there is a formula or technique for understanding the ideal/optimal conditions for dough autolyse? I understand that different flours/grains have different absorption ...
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