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How does the speed of nigari addition to soy milk affect the resulting tofu?

When making tofu, nigari water (magnesium chloride) is added to soy milk to curdle it. In my personal experience, adding the nigari very slowly (over the course of tens of minutes) produces soft tofu ...
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mousse with liquid in bottom

I made 2 mousses. One typical and one was an attempt for something new. Both turned out with liquid in the bottom. I made both with egg whites. Did I not beat the egg whites enough? The first was a ...
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Can I replace casein in a recipe with soy protein?

I wanted to try this veggie burger recipe from ChefSteps. However, it uses sodium caseinate as one of the binding ingredients. Casein is derived from milk, thus making the burger non-vegan. Would ...
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Where can I get the extra large TVP slabs?

It's common to see the chunks (or small TVP). They're like maybe 1" in diameter. But I've seen ones there are about 1/2" thick, 2" wide and 3" long (maybe this is after soaked ...
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