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Questions tagged [spices]

Culinary use of spices, defined as the edible but non-leafy parts of certain plants.

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What is the shelf life of herbal ghee: at room temp, fridge, or freezer?

What is the shelf life of herbal ghee? At room temperature? In the refrigerator? In the freezer? (Does ghee even freeze well?)
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Why are some dried (dehydrated) lime fruits black and others tan brown?

Whole dried limes (Limoo, Omani) come in either black or a tan brown colour. Black has a stronger flavour but what the reason for the difference? Some say that black coloured dried limes are smoked ...
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Is berbere supposed to be bitter?

I tried making a popular Ethiopian spice mix, berbere, following a recipe by Marcus Samuelsson. I followed it exactly, only making a few modifications. 4 tsp corainder seeds 2 tsp fenugreek seeds 1/2 ...
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What herbs and spices are used in Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Has anyone here with an apt awareness of flavors been able to work out some of or all of the herbs and spices that are used in Kentucky Fried Chicken? I feel I can taste paprika but I wonder what ...
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What spices need to be cooked before use due to food safety concerns?

I recently purchased a home curry kit which comprised of various powdered spices (including chilli, cumin, coriander etc.) and a separate curry sauce. To use, the meat or veg is fried until browned, ...
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Gritty Mouth Feel from Moroccan Spice Blend

I made a tagine style chicken dish that was very tasty, but the sauce had a subtle but fine gritty mouth feel that I'd like to eliminate the next time I try this. I haven't experienced this with most ...
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What makes up the typical "spice drawer needs a deep cleaning" scent?

This might be considered a half humorous question, but I am still curious here. There is that typical smell that clings to your hands after rummaging around in or tidying a typical spices drawer/box/...
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