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Use this tag for questions about food or drinks that have gone bad, or will soon be.

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How long do raw chestnuts keep?

I bought some chestnuts in the fall for Christmas but haven't used them all yet. How long do they keep? How would I tell if they 'went bad'? They look just like they did when I bought them (no ...
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bread that does not get moldy

How can a bread have an expiration date of one year into the future?? The bread in questions is Deutsche Küche rye bread (from Aldi). Yes, it is a dense bread, but it is not dry like a cracker, so ...
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How can you recognize cold milk that has gone bad or is about to?

The methods that I know to test cold milk is to either boil it and look for the break, taste it (yuk!), or hope it smells bad enough to know it's bad. Is there an easy and scientific way to know ...
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Does having spoiling food in your fridge cause other food to spoil faster?

We all have forgotten remnants that get pushed to the back of the fridge and eventually become science experiments. Does the presence of such items (assuming they're left in a non-air tight container) ...
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Does an avocado seed help guacamole stay green?

My friend was telling me about a habit in the Spanish culture (I'm not sure if it's done elsewhere as well) of leaving the avocado seed inside when making guacamole. The claim is that if you leave the ...
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Is it possible to make yogurt and cheese from spoiled milk?

I get raw milk and to somehow pasteurize it, I boil it. The milk strongly curdled showing that it is spoiled and rotten (definitely, not suitable for drinking). Is it totally bad milk and I should ...
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Meat and Poultry Changing Color in Marinade?

I am working on a marinade for my chicken breast and filet mignon for a fondue we are planning on having tonight. I took the meat out of the fridge and noticed they both seemed to change color. The ...
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can maple syrup be refrigerated after it was out for a few days?

I opened Adirondack pure maple syrup a few days ago. It didn't say to refrigerate, so I didn't. When I googled it, it said that it should be refrigerated. Can I still do that? If I may not use it ...
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How can I infuse olive oil safely?

I am infusing olive oil with truffles. How can I do it safely? Heating the oil destroys the truffle smell and pickling it is a sure way to do the same. Are there any other methods? Perhaps some type ...
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Is sour milk, soured milk, and milk that has gone sour, all the exact same thing?

Is sour milk, soured milk, and milk that has gone sour, all the exact same thing? Related to this question: Is buttermilk another term for sour milk or some part of sour milk? and especially this ...
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Making a sausage and letting it dry out in the fridge

I got a kg of ground beef and put two tablespoons of salt with it. I also put a lot of spices, stuff like paprika, black pepper, allspice, tumeric, lots of garlic, and two tbsp vinegar. This is ...
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How long does cheese last out of the refrigerator [duplicate]

We went on vacation and while we were gone, the refrigerator in which I stored a GREAT DEAL of cheese (both hard and soft, although unopened) quit working and when we returned home, I found the cheese ...
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