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Fudge didnt set. How to fix without re heating

I made a simple fudge with white choc and condensed milk. It didn't set. I know the easy answer is put it back in the saucepan and re heat it but it is coloured 4 different colours and swirled ...
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How can i decorate homemade dog biscuits? [closed]

I made a batch of dog biscuits for a Christmas gift, and I want to write the dog's name on them with colored sprinkles. The biscuits are the texture of over-baked sugar cookies. Does anyone have an ...
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What's the best way to stick sprinkles to cookies without icing?

I am making sugar cookies that I want to decorate with sprinkles, but I don't really want to mess about with making royal icing, which is what the recipe calls for. In the past, I've used clear corn ...
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How to get sprinkles to stick to the side of a cake?

I need to prepare a cake, but in my previous attempts, I can't seem to get the chocolate sprinkles to stick to the sides of my cake. The cake will have a layer of icing as a base for the sprinkles, ...
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