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How do I (better) fry fresh baby squid

I'm trying to make a baby squid fregola better. It's working well apart from one thing: I'd like the baby squid to have more of a maillard reaction and perhaps be a bit crispy. What I currently do is: ...
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How to keep squid soft and fluffy?

For preparing squid , with traditonal masala type receipe , it was kept for 1 steam in pressure cooker. But squid got hardened after making the dish. Is there a way to keep it soft with preparation? ...
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Minimal time to boil squid

I know that squid is often cooked for one-two minutes to make it still tender. However is one minute enough to kill possible parasites? What is the minimal time of boiling for squid? If that's ...
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Does squid ink pasta bleed?

Will the black color from squid ink spaghetti bleed onto other ingredients? I was recently given a package of squid ink spaghetti. I haven't used it before and I want to try something creative. I ...
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Will cooking tagliatelle in squid ink turn it black?

I am planning to make squid ink pasta, but I do not have pasta machine. Since I am lazy, I want to boil dried pasta in squid ink water. Will it turn black...or not black enough?
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How to tenderize squid for ika nigiri?

I was at a Sushi restaurant in San Diego today and ordered some squid nigiri. Although it had been roughly scored with a knife, it was still quite chewy. I'm assuming it was yari-ika. Is there a ...
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How to find/properly cook fresh Baby Squids?

So, I've had some difficulties with Squid. I think my favorite style of squid is the type you can find at a Chinese Buffet - big chunks of squid, where a slice of a tentacle can be the size of your ...
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Can you reheat cooked calamari without thawing?

Can you reheat cooked calamari without thawing first? If I take it from the freezer and boil it, how long will it take to reheat the calamari?
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Why is this Surume Ika (Japanese Flying Squid) discolored? (Ingredient for Ika Somen.)

I've been very interested in making Ika Somen. I found both a recipe online, and a recipe in "Pass the recipe", by Hiroko Nomura. Today I bought a Surume Ika (squid) from the local Japanese market. ...
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How to tenderize large squid?

My whole life I've been buying small squid (maybe 4-6" long bodies without the head and tentacles), which are very mildly chewy and tender. All it takes is sautee them in a little OO and they are ...
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How to prepare tiny salted squid for cooking?

So, I have a bag of tiny salted squid. I love squid, but I've never cooked them and have no idea what to do with this. They're whole, and the bag says that they've been steamed, but I don't know if ...
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How to prepare squid to avoid spermataphores

I was just reading about how some people, when eating squid, have ended up with squid spermataphores in their mouth. Apparently, it is painful (and not that appetizing for me). I am wondering how to ...
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