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For written standards (what is the standard numbering system for noodle sizes?) and quasi-standards (what does a standard mayonnaise include?)

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How big a garlic clove?

How big (grams) is a clove of garlic, as found in a recipe? I have a lot of recipes that call for some number of cloves of garlic. The problem is that garlic is a plant, and the size of the clove ...
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Why did my bacon smell and taste like beef? [closed]

I made a bacon sandwich earlier and while cooking the bacon I noticed a pungent scent identical to the scent of beef crisps, I then ate my sandwich which tasted like a mix of beef and smokey bacon ...
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Why are British cooking shows seemingly more lax in terms of cleanliness?

I was watching the Great British Baking Show and a couple others and I noticed multiple instances where things were dropped on the floor and added back to the plate, or they taste with a spoon and ...
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Sheet pan/baking tray convention outside the US?

In this video, a Frenchman visits New York and buys a half sheet pan, which he appears unfamiliar with (both the term and the device itself) despite being an experienced cook. So I'm wondering: is ...
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Other than US FDA definition, are there other standards for vanilla extracts?

Is there a European standard for example for what could be sold as vanilla extracts? The only definition of concentration and ingredients appears to be in US Code 21 CFR 169.175.
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How does produce grading in the US work?

The US has a lot of standards about grading produce. Is everything graded on the same scale (with the same labels)? What characteristics do the grades generally depend on, and what characteristics do ...
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What is the correct consistency of a cream soup?

Some cookbooks give advice, but it is conflicting. Some say "it should coat the back of a spoon", which I find terribly confusing - my best try to imagine the result will work with a wide range of ...
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What's the numbering system for spaghetti and does it matter?

When I lived in Italy some years ago I remember an Italian friend explaining the numbering system for spaghetti (perhaps also other long pasta). How spaghetti was sold in Italy with a number ...
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