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3 answers

Can I make potatoes sweet by cooking them?

I've heard that cooking "breaks down" carbohydrates such as starch. I also know that starch is a complex carbohydrate, which is essentially made out of simple carbohydrates (sugars). Potatoes contain ...
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Can we digest raw starch? [closed]

One of the wisdoms passed on early in my family is not to eat certain types of food raw, because they will cause bellyache. It is regarded common sense on par with not to touch a hot stove because it ...
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Effect of potato water on bread (early experiment results)

Inspired by another question here, I am going to make potato bread. I am using the King Arthur Flour recipe. (For 2 loaves) 1 tablespoon instant yeast 99g sugar 283g to 340g lukewarm water or potato ...
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Corn Starch vs Potato Starch

One of the recipes I am trying out asks me to use Potato starch to help thicken the sauce. A majority of the recipes I found online for it say to use Potato starch but at the store I mainly found corn ...
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Help removing excess starch from potato chips

I was trying to make potato chips at home but forgot wash off the excess starch from the freshly cut potato slices. I have already dried them off. Now when i fry them they turn brown giving a burnt ...
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Will adding lemon juice to non-wheat pastas make them starchier?

I read in this question: Why add salt to the water when cooking pasta? that adding an acid like lemon juice to water you're cooking pasta in will help keep it from getting waterlogged and having the ...
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