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Reconstitute all purpose wheat flour from starch and gluten

Due to the recent events (COVID-19) the groceries stores' shelves are totally wiped of flour of any grains. I have not found flour for roughly a week. Now the shelves are still stocked well with ...
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Millet (wild yeast/sourdough) fermentation decreasing thickness of the slurry

In order to reproduce a traditional Turkish drink recipe for Boza. Which has a thick consistency, low alcohol content (around 1%), and a slightly acidic sweet flavor. I'm repeating this two step ...
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How do starches, butter and milk interact from a culinary chemistry / food technology standpoint?

I'm trying to find out how different starches behave and how they interact with other ingredients. Corn starch (Maizena), for example, will act as a thickener as soon as it reaches its gelatinization ...
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How can I separate starches from plant based milk (lentil milk)

I made decanted plant-based milk using lentils (nut milk bag), I'd like to remove the starches from the milk. I have tried several methods so far and a couple I have not tried such as enzymatic ...
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What is the proper ratio of tapioca , sugar and water for boba?

I want to make my own boba. My first attempt turned out to misshapen flat disk. It looks more like a bread roll. I really would like to them to be round. I used 120g tapioca starch 78ml water 65g ...
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