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Steam pudding in square bowl

Emergency steam pudding q. Is there a reason I couldn't use a square dish to steam a pudding in the oven (St John's steamed lemon pudding specifically)? Like, is the round bowl shape a structural ...
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Can you replace stout with Wychwood King Goblin in Christmas pudding?

So we’d ordered a stout for a Christmas pudding recipe, as part of an online supermarket order. But they’ve substituted it for “King Goblin” from Wychwood Brewery. Now I’m not a beer drinker, and don’...
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Egg free steamed raspberry pudding

This is an old recipe. Back in the 1940s to the 1970s, my mom used to make individual raspberry puddings steamed in her handleless cups. I can't recreate it. I think it had baking soda and/or baking ...
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Keeping uncooked Christmas pudding mix

I have a Christmas pudding mix recipe intended for a 1.5 l pudding basin, but I need to slow cook it in a 1.2 l, so I'll have a little left over to make one or two miniature puddings. They won't fit ...
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I would like to use my Miele steam oven to cook a steak and kidney pudding. How long should I cook it for?

I would like to make Nigella's steak and kidney pudding on New Year's Day. I've successfully made it before lots of times by following her recipe to steam it in a steamer on the hob for 3 hours but ...
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How to store a Christmas pudding to make it drier?

I have prepared a Christmas pudding but it came out too wet to our taste. What is the best way to store it to make it drier but without spoiling it?
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Is it okay to bake caramel pudding rather than steaming it?

I have a simple recipe for caramel pudding. It says to steam the pudding mix until it's set. It's a somewhat old recipe I've never tried before. So, rather than steaming (which is very time consuming)...
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