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Why is rice parboiled? And how does parboiling change rice?

I have recently been using raw rice at my home. I have noticed that the non-parboiled rice sticks to each other while parboiled rice does not given the same amount of cooking time. My questions: Why ...
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How do I cook sticky rice/glutinous rice in my rice cooker?

I would like to try and recreate the sticky rice (aka glutinous rice or sweet rice) as I often find served in a kratip at my local USA Thai restaurant. I already have a rice cooker - the Hamilton ...
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What is this green cake with plastic-y texture, found at an Asian store?

While shopping at the local Asian store, I found a funny, green cake that looked interesting, so I bought a piece. It looks like this: I discovered that it has a very strange texture (as seen in this ...
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Sushi rolls opening up

Last night I made sushi rolls for the first time. The issue I encountered is that the rolls would open up when taking them with the chopsticks. The rice was super sticky and held very well, but the ...
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Do I need a specific pot to cook Japanese-style rice?

So, I've been rather curious lately as to what I'll be needing in order to prepare/cook some Japanese-style rice. I wanted to say sushi rice, but I believe it's prepared a bit differently—or rather, ...
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How to get all the rice out of the pan?

Often when cooking rice a lot of it ends up sticking to the bottom of the pan and gets wasted. I'm using a frying pan with a non-stick surface. Is there a way to get all the rice out of the pan easily?...
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4 answers

What are the crunchy bits on top of Thai mango with sticky rice?

My favorite Thai restaurant makes a fantastic mango and sticky rice dessert, and it seems like it'd be pretty simple to recreate at home. I've searched around the internet for mango and sticky rice ...
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How to make Black Glutinous Rice sticky?

I've been to a Cooking Class in Thailand and learned how to do many yummy Thai dishes. One of them was Mango with Sticky Rice, but with black rice. My problem is that somehow my rice is not sticky at ...
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4 votes
2 answers

My black glutinous rice is not chewy at all?

I need some advice, I bought some Black Thai glutinous rice, but it just isn't getting the right texture. I have: soaked it overnight soaked it over 2 nights boiled it slow cooked it steamed it I ...
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Does glutinous rice flour function differently from regular rice flour as a coating?

I am going to try making wasabi peas despite a dearth of recipes online. I've read the list of ingredients of several brands, most (including my favorite) contain glutinous rice flour. Others contain ...
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2 answers

Crock-pot/slow-cooker basmati sushi/ketupat

I have successfully made sushi rice or ketupat cakes with long grain basmati using the slow cooker. I see the advantage that I could use fragrant or any usual household rice rather than sticky rice. ...
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Does adding vinegar to rice while while boiling reduce stickyness or improve hardness?

I'm trying to make chinese fried rice, for which I chose long grain basmati rice. I wash the rice thoroughly before cooking. I'm able to get separate grains (non-mushy) . But when I stir-fry or cook ...
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Injeolmi - Korean Sweet Rice Cakes

I have never made injeolmi before but am keen to try - I have a few questions though before I try: steaming vs microwaving the rice dough? I imagine it gets uber sticky in the steamer, a recipe ...
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Rice has water inside after being cooked

I have this Rooster A.A.A. Scented Jasmine Rice that I recently bought and after a few days, water starts forming in the middle for some reason. A little background, I had a bag of Thai rice that ...
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How to avoid "Keep Warm" mode on rice-cooker

I have a "Hamilton Beach Multi-Cooker" rice cooker / steamer / etc. 840304400 is the model number. We only cook rice for sushi, rice bowls, onigiri, etc. 9 times out of 10, we want to work ...
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sushi rice or paste

I do what the instructions say...I rinse my sushi rice till the water is clear, I soak the rice for 30 minutes, I bring the rice and water to a boil, cook on low for 20 minutes and what I get could be ...
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What should I do if I have added extra water in rice for braising and you can see the rice is turning into sticky rice?

While cooking rice with meat, sometimes I faced that extra water has been added to the rice container when kept for braising. What should I do when I see the rice is turning into fluid? Need opinions ...
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Making sticky rice without rice cooker

I know that a rice cooker is the easiest way to make sticky rice, because of the way it is steamed. However, I don't have a rice cooker: what is the most effective way to make sticky rice using ...
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