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I have a stoneware casserole dish with weird lines that look like cracks, but the dish doesn't feel any different

I received a stoneware set of three mixing bowls and two casserole dishes. The larger casserole dish doesn't have these lines, but they started to appear in the smaller one after a few uses. I've read ...
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Pizza stone made out of multiple pieces

Would a pizza stone assembled from multiple pieces be smart/useful? I have access to an old marble quarry, and I would like to go cut a stone there. It seems too complicated to cut a huge piece (even ...
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safety of using chamotte stone from hardware supplies store for baking

Should I be concerned about heavy metal poisoning when I use said chamotte stone in an electric home oven? The dough would be placed directly on the hot stone. I didn't want to buy a dedicated Baking ...
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Overheating a pizza stone?

I bought a pizza stone without realizing that the max temperature it would withstand is 450 F (according to the instructions). My oven goes up to 550 F, which is the temperature I'd rather bake my ...
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Pampered Chef taco shell maker stoneware with cracks. O.K. to use?

I bought 2 taco shell makers stoneware that have some hairline cracks in them. Will it be safe to use them? Here is a picture:
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Microwave cooking time with porcelain/stoneware container rather than plastic

Would the cooking time change if I microwave some food in a porcelain or stoneware container rather than plastic? More details (if you have time to waste) I generally do not like to put plastic in ...
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Did I ruin my stoneware dutch oven by heating it on a gas stove?

I was following this baked beans recipe. Relevant excerpt: Place a cast iron Dutch oven over medium heat and stir in the bacon, onion, and jalapenos until enough fat has rendered from the bacon to ...
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How deep is a deep pie dish, traditionally?

I have a recipe for a game pie, circa. 1973. It calls for a "deep pie dish". Searching online for one to buy, I find deep pie dishes with different depths, and breadths. Typical pie dishes seem to ...
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What is the difference between baking bread in a loaf pan made of stoneware vs metal vs iron cast?

Is there a significant difference between using a loaf pan made of this materials?
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Why are stone ware and dutch oven items exempt from bacteria?

As I am doing the dishes, I come upon my wife's stoneware "pans". These pans, I am told, do not need soap. "Just like a dutch oven". In fact, soap will ruin them. Now I did this with dutch ovens ...
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How can I remove mold stains from a pan?

A few weeks ago I made some homemade bread pudding. We had a few servings of it, the weather got hot and humid, and I soon learned that mold really likes bread pudding too. The pan is a stoneware pan. ...
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