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Questions about storing food both before and after they have been processed or cooked.

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Chocolate and oil mixed

When I melt 16 oz of chocolate I add 4 oz of oil how long can I keep this and how should it be stored. Someone said something about botulism ??
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Honey changing into unusable, hardened clump

I buy raw, unfiltered honey from the grocery store in jars sold/packed directly by the farmer. When I had used the last jar to about half, I noticed the honey beginning to dry(crystalize?) to the ...
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Can I store dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, baking soda, etc) together?

I am planning on making a bunch of gingerbread this year, the recipe I use takes both baking powder and baking soda. In order to cut down on dishes and time I thought I might mix all of the dry ...
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Do spice containers need to be hermetic?

Spice containers purchase I'm planning on upgrading my spice storage. Reading some advice online (e.g. article 1, and article 2) I came to the conclusion that spice containers should: Not be exposed ...
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Fresh Herb Storage

I am trying to get some fresh herbs (Parsley and Dill for example) to stay fresh for some time. I have tried the water jar method which is just trimming ends of stems and putting the bunch in a jar of ...
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Does keeping a fridge/freezer full significantly help energy efficiency?

This is one of those statements I frequently encounter, but I've never really seen evidence to support it. The advice often goes even further to say that if your fridge/freezer is relatively empty, ...
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Can you store oil in a container that is not airtight?

I've have seen that several chefs and home cooks (e.g. my mom) store oils like canola and olive in ceramic or glass bottles with pour spouts that are not sealed. An example of this can be found on ...
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Storing chicken of the woods mushrooms

How can I store stored chicken of the woods? Last year I tried dehydrating but it really doesn't bounce back too well. Could these be sauteed and then frozen for later use in sauces? They only come ...
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Is copper safe for long-term food storage?

This question is inspired by this answer, which suggests storing simple syrup in a copper vessel. It fairly conclusively demonstrates that copper can keep the simple syrup from growing mold, but ...
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Does natural {peanut, cashew, almond} butter require refrigeration?

I have purchased a few different types of natural peanut butter and all have stated that refrigeration is required after opening. However, I recently purchased Archer's Farms Almond, Peanut & ...
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Why does fresh coriander deteriorate so quickly?

I realize that, as I live in a northerly climate, I cannot expect to have fresh herbs like coriander always available at my beck and call. Yet, yesterday I bought a lovely, thick bunch of coriander ...
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Freeze or refrigerate bread?

What is the better way to store lots of preservative-less bread approaching the expiration date: freezer or refrigerator? Does one method dry out the bread more than another?
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Storing cake batter

I know ideally when you make cake batter, you want to bake it right away, but could you store it in the fridge for a day or two (like you can pancake batter)? I'm entering a lot of items in a ...
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What is the best way to carry milk to work?

I live in Japan and milk is sold only in cartons here. I take milk to the fridge at work. I currently put it in a black plastic bottle with black cover but it stinks like it is off after only a few ...
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How to store a double iced cake

I am entering a baking contest (well, two actually that are two days apart). The first contest I am only baking three items, but the second I am baking (potentially) 15 items. Normally I have a much ...
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Why does my bread ferment in the middle?

I had been making bread reliably for a few years until we moved (from Sweden to Austria) six months ago. Suddenly, any loaf I make rots within a few days in the bread bin. Specifically, it goes soft ...
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Why are Zucchini's refrigerated, but not acorn and spaghetti squash?

I stock food and follow this procedure, but can see that these are not only the same family - the gourd family, but also the same species. Both have a hard outer shell. Why does one ( Zucchini ) ...
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Making a sausage and letting it dry out in the fridge

I got a kg of ground beef and put two tablespoons of salt with it. I also put a lot of spices, stuff like paprika, black pepper, allspice, tumeric, lots of garlic, and two tbsp vinegar. This is ...
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life without refrigerator

I'm a student living in a dorm without a refrigerator. I decided to change my diet and be a pescetarian starting this year. But most of the food sold nearby doesn't fit my diet or my budget so I'll ...
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Which kinds of closures for spice and herb containers exist and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

I have an extensive collection of spices and dried herbs, which I store currently in apothecary bottles with a cork stopper. Most websites that deal with closure types focus on the differences for ...
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How to prevent beef muscle meat losing water during storage in the refridgerator?

I am storing raw beef muscle meat (for example tenderloin), in the refrigerator (just above freezing 0°C / 32°F), just for several days. I put the raw meat in a canning mason glass jar and screw the ...
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What is meant by freezer?

I came across the word related to freezer in several statements as follows Regarding chicken Raw chicken pieces can be stored in the freezer for up to 9 months, while a whole chicken can be frozen ...
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