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What device to remove pulp from sloe gin

I've made my sloe gin and like the taste, now I want to strain off the berries and residue to leave a clear product that wont keep getting a stronger flavour. There are all sorts of filters and ...
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Cooking French fries with strainer from IKEA's Idealisk

I want to make French fries, but I don't have a proper deep fryer, but just a dutch oven and a strainer from IKEA, Idealisk. Is it OK to leave the potatoes in the strainer and submerge them in the hot ...
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How fine is "Fine Mesh" for removing lumps from custards?

Many recipes for custards and similar deserts like lemon curd suggest passing the completed custard through a "fine mesh strainer" to remove lumps. When looking up strainers and sifters I see a wide ...
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Is using a French press to strain plant milk (almond, soy, etc.) easier than straining through cheesecloth?

The thing I hate most about making homemade milk is having to squeeze that little bag for eons just to strain all the milk out. I got the idea to do it in a French press instead, but upon doing some ...
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Mesh size for straining yogurt?

Usually, I strain small batches of yogurt through a cheesecloth, but cleaning the cloth afterward is cumbersome. I'm thinking to buy an industrial stainless strainer (40cm / 16" diameter, 10cm / 4" ...
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Squeezing as much liquid as possible out of a stock: a practical approach?

When making stock at home (i.e. with a combination of chicken parts and vegetables), I am often at a loss for how to get the last bits of liquid out of the stock. I often use a mesh strainer, but this ...
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What's the best way to strain stock?

I have a big pot full of chicken necks and backs on the stove which I need to separate into (a) stock and (b) everything else. I'm wondering the best way to go about doing this. I've previously laid ...
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What's an effective method to strain liquids?

When I make horchata or aqua frescas, I often have a large volume (quarts) of liquid that could benefit from straining. Usually only the small fine mesh strainer can get out the fine particles that ...
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