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Questions tagged [sugar]

Questions about sugar or substitutions for it for culinary purposes.

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Possible to get Sugar Syrup and Coconut Oil to solidify together (Emulsifier needed?)

I'm trying to make a 'magic-shell' like topping from burnt sugar syrup by mixing burnt sugar syrup (sugar + corn syrup heated until dark copper color, cooked with water until smooth) with coconut oil. ...
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Sponge cake: how the proportions of the ingredients change the result

The common recipe (at least in Italy) for sponge cake is: total weight of eggs (yolks + whites) = X sugar = flour = 2/3 X I'm aware that the ratio of the ingredients affect the final result. For ...
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Should substituting about half of the sugar with erythritol make cookies lose all crispness?

There are some chocolate chip cookies I've made a couple of times made of (clarified) butter, sugar, oatmeal plus (white or whole wheat) flour, (a small amount of) egg, chocolate chips, vanilla, salt ...
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Correct term for marinating+degorging/macerating at the same time?

Sometimes it makes sense to marinate fruit or vegetables with water-extracting ingredients (sugar,salt,alcohol...) and flavorings (spices or extracts) at the same time, and later use fruit and liquid ...
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Sweet and Sour?

In comments related to this question, there was discussion about pH, fructose concentration, what compounds a fruit contains, etc. influencing or determining "flavor". Much more recently, I had a ...
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Does the sugar used in the curing process of Gravlax add to the caloric value of the final product?

When making Gravlax, a mixture of sugar and salt is used to coat the fish and cure it. After the curing time has passed, the curing mixture is washed off together with any spices used and the excess ...
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Replacing sugar with maple syrup

I have a cake recipe which, among its ingredients, requires using 300 gr of sugar and 120 gr of water. If I wanted to replace the sugar with maple syrup, would I need to adjust also the amount of ...
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Digestibility of cocoa/cacao butter in white chocolate

I know that if I were to eat a chunk of cocoa/cacao butter on its own, my body wouldn't really digest it well. Typically, for large amounts of fat, they need to be emulsified to be digested. However, ...
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Dextrose Sugar Cubes

I’m trying to make sugar cubes with dextrose sugar. I need the cubes strong enough to handle, but want them to easily break down or really melt when placed in mouth. What is the best ratio dextrose:...
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For the life of me I can't get my nougat to set hard

Recipe: Syrup 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup corn syrup 1/8 cup water (I dont think this does anything) Dash of salt Egg white 1 egg white whipped Dash of cream of tartar to stabilize the egg white 2 tbsp ...
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Peach sorbet is not setting at all and the mix is having a jelly texture when popped into the freezer

I am doing a peach sorbet following pierre herme recipe which literally said: 580g of peach puree 74g sugar 104g water 37g of glucose (I've used high quality honey instead) 4g of sorbet stabilizer ...
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Shelf life of a Chocolate Product (incl. butter) - "Chocolate Salami"

I have an old family recipe for something called a Chocolate Salami (don't worry, there isn't any meat) and I am wondering - if I vacuum seal it, will it be shelf stable? I know the stability of ...
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No Demerara sugar

I have just made an apple pie with a crumble topping for friends coming to lunch. The recipe specified Demerara sugar but I had run out so used dark soft brown instead. I think soft has more ...
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Make Super Fine Sugar

I am looking into creating some super fine sugar (finer than confectioners sugar) for icing. This is more for experimentation than anything, I am more interested to see how this impacts the ...
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Italian Meringue Help - Sticking to Mixer

I am trying to make Italian Meringue and I using a candy thermometer and following a recipe very closely. However, whenever I pour my sugar into my egg whites the sugar instantly sticks to the side of ...
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Butterscotch Sauce consistency

I keep getting quite a mixed bag when it comes to butterscotch sauce; sometimes it's runny, sometimes it's thick (as I want it). Other times it gets lumps in it, or simply clumps to the side of the ...
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Can raw scallops be used as a sugar substitute?

Raw scallops contain glycine and alanine, two amino acids that invoke the sensation of sweetness on the tongue. People's sensitivity to these compounds can differ greatly; to me scallops have a very ...
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How do I remove the soapy taste in homemade chili using home canned tomatoe juice?

Used home canned juice and store bought tomatoes to make chili. Added 2 tbls of sugar to the chili to cut down the metal taste. Now my chili has a soapy after taste. Can thus be saved or should I dump ...
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Baking and Tahini Halva: replacing sugar/honey with corn syrup (pure dextrose)?

I just read a recipe for DIY Tahini Halva made using honey and another recipe (sugar free) of Tahini halva made with erythritol. However, Erythritol is not cheap and I don't mind carbs like "...
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