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What can I do to prevent the gaseous side effect of sunchokes?

I'd love to eat sunchokes (aka Jerusalem artichokes or topinambour) more frequently, but the side effects (gas, abdominal discomfort) are a bummer. In a home kitchen, how can I prepare the sunchokes ...
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Pressure cooking Sun chokes (jerusalem artichokes)

Anyone experimented with pressure cooking jerusalem artichokes to reduce the flatulence factore (inulin)?
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How should I store sunchokes for 4 months in a hard freeze?

I've seen that sunchokes "just want to grow", so I was wondering how I should store them over a long cold winter. This is mostly so I can have seed (community garden) in the spring, but I will also ...
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Does dirt sink or rise in boiling water?

I need to clean a lot of sunchokes (for winter freezing), and was wondering if the dirt will fall off the tubers if I boil them long enough, before sending them through a potato ricer.
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