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Questions tagged [sushi]

Questions about preparing and serving sushi - a Japanese food which commonly includes short-grain Japanese rice (mixed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt), fish or shellfish, and nori (seaweed paper). Sushi may contain cooked or raw fish or shellfish, or no fish at all. Sushi which includes raw fish is called sashimi. Also for questions about common sushi condiments wasabi and pickled ginger.

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3 answers

What exactly is "Sushi Grade" fish?

What exactly makes some fish "Sushi Grade"?
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Can store bought salmon be used for sashimi?

Is it safe to consume raw fish purchased at the fish counter of a typical suburban grocery store? If not, do you have any tips for finding sushi grade fish. Also, are there requirements for safe sushi/...
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When making sushi, why do you have to rinse the rice?

I'm interested in learning to make my own sushi. Every guide I have read has stressed that the rice has to be rinsed thoroughly. The bags of rice I generally buy say not to rinse the rice in order ...
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How can I make a chocolate cup that looks like the seaweed on a sushi roll?

I want to make a dessert that simulates a salmon roe sushi (like this) using rice pudding and spherified melon juice with a chocolate "seaweed" wrapping. But I can't figure out how to make the seaweed ...
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What's the best way to store unused sushi rice?

Let's say, I only want to make 1 sushi roll right now. Is there a good way to store the rest of the rice for tomorrow's rolls? And what about storing the nori?
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In the USA, does fish being served raw need to be frozen first?

I read an article from NYT a while back that flabbergasted me. The author claims "Food and Drug Administration regulations stipulate that fish to be eaten raw -- whether as sushi, sashimi, seviche, or ...
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Is IKEA frozen salmon safe to eat raw in sushi?

I was wondering if IKEA's frozen salmon was safe to be eaten raw in a home cooking environment? It's farmed which is a plus from what I've read, but I couldn't really find any data on their freezing ...
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8 answers

Is it safe to eat raw fish?

Raw chicken is generally considered not safe to eat. A lot of people eat sushi/sashimi though, and they are made from raw fish. So, how come that's safe (if it is)?
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How Long Can I Keep Uncooked Sushi Rice?

I only prepare sushi rice a few times a year, so it takes me a while to go through even the smallest of bags. How long can I keep the bag for before it "goes bad"?
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Why is my sushi rice too sticky?

I'm on a quest of learning how to prepare a more than edible sushi. I figured that with enough practice I can achieve the goal of being able to make sushi. The most important part of sushi as I see it ...
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Stove top Sushi rice - Which method?

I am planning to have my first attempt at making sushi by myself in a few days. Right now, I am still struggling with the rice and it's cooking. Many recipes/tutorials call for a rice cooker which I ...
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Eating raw fish: what are parasite infection risks really: how big?

I make sushi often, and i never use sushi-grade fish...i simply buy fresh fish from the market. I know the requisites of frozen for 20 hours etc., but I know for sure there are many restaurants in ...
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What is the best rice for sushi?

I love making sushi at home - it is a satisfying and delicious experience that is very quick and easy (and I can use whatever food is leftover in the house). However, I'm limited by the type of rice ...
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What's the best way to keep sushi fresh for the following day?

I like to prepare makizushi in the night so that I can take it in to Uni the following day and have it for lunch. They're made using nori, sushi rice and some vegetables. What's the best way to keep ...
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How to make safe sushi

I'd always assumed that if you start with safe fish (appropriately stored/frozen), stay with "normal" fish (i.e. don't try to prepare poisonous puffer fish at home), and follow normal food hygiene ...
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Vinegar Alternatives and rice combinations in making sushi rice

What are some of the alternatives in vinegar for making sushi rice? I know it's best to use rice vinegar, but has anyone ever tried it with white wine vinegar, or apple cider vinegar for example? ...
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How to adjust for humidity when making rice?

Years ago, I ate at Sushi Yasuda in New York. After I went, I was reading up on the chef, and an article about him mentioned that he accounted for air humidity while making his sushi rice. Wow! My ...
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Would pre-sliced, pre-packaged fish be considered sushi grade if I freeze it for at least a week before consumption?

I'm planning a sushi dinner party for my birthday in a month and I'm trying to do research on where to get my ingredients and supplies. I'm finding that trying to find "sushi grade" fish is the ...
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