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sweet potato dish - what can i prepare ahead with my recipe

I made a recipe with fresh sweet potatoes last year - on Thanksgiving day. It was time consuming and I'd like to do what I can ahead. The recipe also has alcohol in the casserole. Can I peel, cut ...
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What replacement makes a good training material for shaping Japanese tea-ceremony sweets?

Many Wagashi are made from a mix of rice flour, Shiroan (white bean paste), sugar, and other ingredients. Of those Namagashi are among the most beautiful, shaped as little art pieces and then served ...
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Why does sweetness reduce sourness?

I hope I'm not using the wrong word here, since I know the "acidic" quality to a food does not change by adding sugar (same amount of free hydrogen ions). But it's known that adding ...
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Does chocolate inhibit cornstarch gelatinization?

I recently made chocolate pudding by putting 25ml of cream, 410ml of 3% milk and 50ml of cornstarch (not a good way to measure cornstarch, I know) along with two handfuls of Callebaut milk chocolate ...
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How can I assess how sweet the water of a young coconut in husk will be before buying/opening the coconut?

How can I assess how sweet the water of a young coconut in husk will be before buying/opening the coconut? Example of a young coconut in husk:
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Reduce Sweetness in Fudge

I am currently living in an Asian culture where taste buds are apparently more delicate. Many first-time tasters of fudge almost gag due to the overwhelming sweetness of fudge. I have searched in vain ...
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baking a Souffle to make it as much liquidish as possible

I have found this explanation for example: Bake the soufflé: For maximum lift, it’s best to heat your soufflé from the bottom up — in other words, the direct heat of your oven should ideally be ...
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Is there a sweet emulsion to put on oatmeal?

I've made a ton of mayo now with egg + lemon juice or vinegar + spices + oil and it got me thinking about sweet emulsions I've been putting my savory mayo with various spices on rice and its quite ...
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Iranian Sweet Dish consisting of Lamb Paste

I am trying to identify a dish I had a while ago while traveling in Iran. It was in Isfahan, and none of the languages I speak seemed particularly common with the locals, so I only got patchy details ...
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Is there a term for this distinction of sweet categories?

In a mildly synesthetic sense, I have been describing two categories of sweet flavors as "bright/clear" and "dark" all my life. These categories aren't exhaustive, but I think it ...
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Are English scones savoury?

I know that scones are often seen as an unhealthy snack, but many English recipes don't actually include that much sugar and English scones contain much less sugar than American scones (why do ...
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Can I make a sweet hot water crust pastry?

I’ve been making lots of Hand raised pies recently and I’m wondering if it’s possible to do a sweet hot water crust pastry. What I’m wanting to attempt is a Christmassy Hand raised mince pie. My ...