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Any way to make mashed sweet potatoes less stringy?

Is there a way or technique to make mashed sweet potatoes less stringy? Does it just come down to potato selection or can it be improved by a technique?
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Crispy sweet potato (yam) fries in a deep fryer?

I bought a roto deep fryer recently. But everytime I make yam fries, they end up being soggy. My process: I cut the sweet potato fries to about 1/4 inch. I follow deep fryer instructions of ...
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standard way to make crispy sweet potato fries?

I've been looking for a way to fry (not bake) sweet potatoes, maybe like the double-fry method for russet and russet-like potatoes, to get a crispy exterior. Maybe I'm missing something but I'm ...
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What are the major differences between yams and sweet potatoes?

I was just wondering what the major difference between yams and sweet potatotes. I know yams are more orange and I love yams!
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Cooking "purple sweet potatoes" or "purple yams"

I recently bought something that was labelled at the grocery store as a "purple sweet potato". They were larger than what I am used to for sweet potatoes, but looked similar, although they had a ...
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What determines sweet potato softness?

I often make stews with sweet potato. I prepare it by cutting it about 1/2 to 1 inch every time, and stewing it for about 30-45 minutes. I make sure to keep everything consistent but sometimes it ...
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Holes inside a sweet potato

We bought some sweet potatoes from the store and a few days later we chopped them up to make some roasted veggies. To our surprise, the insides of the potatoes were full of holes or cavities. ...
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Preserving dehydrated fruits and vegs

We bought a food dehydrator to make dog treats with. Primarily we're dehydrating yams, apples and bananas. I'm not dehydrating these to crisps because I didn't think I needed to. The dehydrated ...
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