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Do I have to add an ingredient to compensate for removing about 100g of sugar from zucchini bread?

I want to adapt a zucchini-bread recipe so that it's not at all sweet (I want to toast slices and top them with savory stuff). The recipe is vegan and gluten-free, so I can't use a well-beaten egg to ...
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When is granular erythritol as good as powdered?

Is there any recipe for which granular erythritol (i.e., crystals) is at least as useful as powdered erythritol (i.e., very finely ground)? Cooking with granular erythritol usually requires dissolving ...
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Would replacing sugar with a sweetener affect bread dough fermentation?

I've been baking Asian style sweet bread rolls using the Tangzhong method with success. However recipe calls for quite a bit of sugar (60g for 2.5 cups of flour). Will substituting a natural sweetener ...
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Will sugar alcohols thicken a sorbet?

It’s sorbet season again, and the local Lidl started stocking xylitol, which made me wonder: could you reduce the calories in a sorbet by using a sugar alcohol instead of (some of) the other sugar? I ...
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how to extract Glycyrrhizin from liquorice root?

I recently learned that Glycyrrhizin, which is naturally present in liquorice root, is a strong sweetener (30-50x stronger than sugar depending on sources). Some traditional recipes call for infusing ...
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Substituting stevia for erythritol in recipes

I use stevia as a sweetener now. I have seen a couple of sweets recipes that use erythritol. I have stomach issues with any sweetener that ends in "tol." I am wondering if I can substitute stevia as ...
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How can I tell the difference between unmarked sugar and stevia?

My wife just started back on her doctor-recommended ketogenic diet (due to a medical history of high blood pressure and Crohn's disease in her family). She's to have reduced carbohydrates and sugars, ...
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Preserving sweetness during baking without sugar

noob here (both to this site and to cooking in general!). For health reasons I can't really do sugar, and the low-carb thing has saved my life (literally). I am trying to do more low-carb baking at ...
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How do I make gelatin gummies without adding sugar and still have it survive out of the fridge?

I am on a no-sugar diet due to food insensitivity. I crave gummies and would like to make some without adding sugar (say with coconut water) and have them survive (stay firm and not grow mold) out of ...
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How to mask/reduce stevia's metallic after taste?

I use SugarLess stevia and erythritol blend when I'm baking or making home made ice creams. But in almost all of the things I bake or cook using this product, there is a metallic after taste that ...
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Can Splenda be substituted for regular sugar when making your own sweetened condensed milk?

Can you substitute Splenda for the regular sugar in making your own sweetened condensed milk
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How can I check if a watermelon is sweet or not when buying? [duplicate]

I buy watermelon from the market, sometimes they are sweet and sometimes they are not. How can I check if a watermelon is sweet or not?
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How can I fix a dish that has been over sweetened?

I often made a mistake while cooking that my sweet dishes gets over sweetened.(specially while making sweet rice,sheer khorma and custard) Is there any way/trick to fix the over sweetened dish?
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How can I save sweet from ants without refrigerator?

Sometimes when I don't have refrigerator, I didn't save sweet from ants. How can I save sweet things from ants without refrigerator?
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When can I entirely replace sugar with artificial sweeteners?

Suppose I have a recipe calling for more sugar than I'd prefer to eat, for whatever reason, and I'd like to just use an artificial sweetener? When can I just replace the sugar with an appropriate ...
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Why is chocolate generally sweet?

Apparently there is very little sugar in a cocoa pod so sugar is generally added in the chocolate production process. My question is why has it become the complete standard to have sweet or semi ...
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Sweetener for caramel

I've seen a recipe using a sweetener instead of sugar for caramel. I'm wondering what kind of sweetener would actually work for this - the recipe didn't specify. Various sweeteners I've seen in the ...
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What is the point in combining sucralose and acesulfame potassium?

What is the point in combining the no-calorie, artificial sweeteners sucralose and acesulfame potassium? I'm asking as I have seen some products doing so, e.g. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% ...
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In writing a recipe, when should I remove the bay leaves in the process?

I'm trying to write down a recipe for Italian sweet sauce that is used for salads but can also be used on pasta and meat. It has bay leaves in it but I'm not sure when to add and remove them? I've ...
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Condensed milk doesn't mix well into iced coffee

I enjoy Vietnamese/Thai/Brazilian iced coffee with the signature condensed milk. However, my efforts to reproduce have fallen flat. Using either condensed milk from a can or squeeze bottle, it never ...
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Sweeten/Fix Eggnog

I made some non-alcoholic eggnog using the same recipe I had previously used but this time it came out too eggy (tastes a bit like tapioca but too much egg taste, even for eggnog). Is there a quick or ...
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What was the mysterious ingredient in making of Japanese sweet bean paste (an or あん) from the movie?

The Japanese movie Sweet Bean (あん) shows the process of making red bean paste in one of the scenes. The cook uses a clear gelatinous substance which presumably is the sweetener for this paste. What is ...
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Can one be "taste blind" to the sweetness of stevia?

I bought some stevia powder today and tried to make waffles with it, replacing the sugar. However, no matter how much stevia I poured into the dough (carefully adding tea spoon by tea spoon, tasting ...
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What are the equivalent amounts of these sweeteners?

I've been looking into using one of/some combination of the following: Powdered sucralose, Sucralose liquid, Powdered stevia extract, Liquid stevia extract, Erythritol I'd like to know which one/...
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What is the US equivalent of Golden Syrup (UK)?

Having recently moved from UK to US, when making honeycomb, what should I use as a replacement for Golden Syrup?
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