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Masa (corn flour) and some sort of fillings, traditionally cooked by steaming in a corn husk or banana leaf.

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How do tamales cook?

We just steamed a couple dozen tamales and I'm entirely baffled by the idea that they cook over hours. How? Why? What's happening? I initially figured I could check for doneness with a temperature ...
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Tamales with rendered turkey fat and clarified butter - No pork?

A friend of mine is coming back into town tomorrow and I have been planning a dinner for the occasion. I have been planning on making tamales out of leftover turkey. We talked earlier and she told me ...
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Making Tamales using a corn meal alternative

What can I use to make tamales other than corn meal? My son is allergic to corn.
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Why is my masa mushy?

When I steam my tamales, the masa becomes mushy. What am I doing wrong and how can I prevent this?
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What's the difference between masa for tortillas and for tamales?

I often buy fresh prepared masa from Mexican markets in order to make tamales and pupusas. Mexican cookbook authors stress getting the correct masa for the recipe, either masa for tamales or masa for ...
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Is there an alternative wrapping for tamales?

I'd like to have a go at making tamales, but the corn husk wrappers are hard to come by here. Is there anything I can use as a substitute wrapper?
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When do I freeze tamales?

I don't want to be ridiculous but I'm uncertain at what point I can freeze tamales. Do I steam them and then freeze or do I assemble and then freeze? I would like to make a large batch and freeze ...
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Using Fresh Masa with Tamales

I've always used the Masa Harina in the bag and made masa, but I don't have an electric mixer at the moment to make them fluffy. How do you use fresh masa when making tamales? Just add it to the corn ...
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What should I look for in an electric steamer for use to make tamales

I don't know a whole lot about what makes an electric steamer a good steamer. I'm looking for recommendations for one where I'm hoping to make tamales with. The plan is to make large batches so ...
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What is a good way to steam tamales without a "tamale steamer?"

I am looking for ways to to cook large quantities of Tamales but I don't have a Tamale Steamer. Anyone do this before with other standard kitchen gear? I would rather not cook them in batches as the ...
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How do I get vegetarian tamales to come out fluffy?

I'm a vegetarian, so naturally I don't use lard when making the masa for tamales. I've experimented with butter, non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening, and solid coconut oil. I've tried beating the ...
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