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What to do with insoluble tamarind parts found in a paste pouch, to prevent them appearing in dishes

When I use tamarind paste, which I buy in a pack that looks like this, .. .. I end up with seeds (which I can remove), with paste (which I can dissolve on low heat), but also with what seems like ...
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Tamarind Pulp Gritty

After soaking and sieving the tamarind through a fine mesh strainer, the remaining pulp has some grit. It kinda ruined my dish. Wonder if there’s any method that would get rid of the grit, maybe a ...
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Is Tamarind String Edible? [closed]

Today at lunch, i accidentally ate a small piece of tamarind string. I am not sure whether it would be digested inside my body. I am little worried. Can someone tell if i am going to be safe, or would ...
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What can we do if we accidentally buy tamarind puree instead of paste?

My wife was planning to make us pad thai, but accidentally bought tamarind puree instead of tamarind paste. We would like to still use the puree if possible - is there any way we could use the ...
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How do I use tamarind powder?

If a recipe calls for tamarind pulp/paste/concentrate, can I substitute powder? If so, how much tamarind powder should I use?
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Can you eat the seeds of Tamarind if you roast them or boil them?

I just bought some fresh Tamarind & was told that I can eat the Tamarind seeds. Are they really edible? How would I prepare them if so?
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Should tamarind pulp go into Pad Thai sauce?

I'm making my own Pad Thai sauce and I'm not sure if I should strain out the tamarind pulp or if it can stay in the sauce. Or is there some type of prepared tamarind which dissolves into the sauce so ...
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