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Is it safe to eat venison tartare from an animal that was harvested in the wild?

I recently watched a cooking show on how to prepare venison tartare. There was an explanation given by the host stating that the venison was acquired at a local deer farm. There was no mention ...
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Which cheaper cuts of beef are suitable for steak tartare?

I am eating a lot of steak tartare, and usually making it from the tenderloin (called filet in some countries). But the tenderloin is expensive. I've made it from beef round once and it was fine too, ...
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Is kangaroo meat safe to eat raw such as kangaroo tartare?

I know that kangaroo meat is usually cooked rare because it's so low in fat. I also know that certain meats are not safe unless well cooked, such as chicken and pork. But what about kangaroo? For me ...
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Is it safe to prepare Chicken Tartare?

I know that raw chicken generally has a lot of safety concerns. Is there anyway that I can source the chicken to minimize these worries? What are the general concerns? How can I combat them? Are there ...
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How to prepare chicken tartare?

One of my favorite dishes is steak tartare with fried bread, garlic, capers, beets and raw egg yolk. I would like to try chicken tartare (food safety issues aside - I'm aware of the risks); however, I ...
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How safe is steak tartare?

How safe is steak tartare? What can I do when preparing it make sure it is safe to eat?
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