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Questions tagged [thai-cuisine]

Questions with this tag should be about traditional ingredients, preparations or dishes from Thailand - such as swimming rama, phad thai or coconut curry. Questions about ingredients common to Thai-style cooking, but which aren't about a specific Thai dish, should not use this tag.

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19 answers

How do I prevent coconut milk from separating in Thai curry?

It seems like every single attempt I've made at making a Thai-style coconut curry ends up with the sauce mixture separating. Although it usually still tastes good, the coconut ends up looking like it ...
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1 answer

How to cook extremely soft chicken?

I had this chicken that was extremely soft at a thai restaurant in Portland, Or. The cashew nut chicken dish had small strips of extremely soft chicken. As you can see, the chicken is not cripsy or ...
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7 answers

How do I use whole fresh tamarind?

On a whim I bought some tamarind at the grocery store this week. I'm most familiar with it from the dish Pad Thai. My idea at the time was that I would "do something" with it and a pork chop. Pork ...
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2 answers

Difference between types of Thai black soy sauces (Healthy Boy brand)

I've noticed that a lot of Thai dishes call for thick black soy sauce, but they rarely specify the type. Occasionally, a recipe will specify a certain brand, and sometimes they'll note if you should ...
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3 answers

Why does my coconut sauce lack a strong coconut taste?

Why doesn't my coconut sauce have a strong coconut flavor similar to what is served in Thai restaurants? Do they use real coconut or coconut essence or coconut oil? I use a can of coconut.
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37 votes
3 answers

Is pad thai actually Thai?

More like meta-cooking question, but I believe it fits here better than on travel stack. All around the world, one of the symbols of Thailand is Pad Thai. And multiple versions of curry. But when I ...
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4 answers

"Indian Spicy" vs. "Thai Spicy"

What ingredient(s) make the spiciness from Indian food distinct from the spiciness of, say, Thai food? Indian good seems to have a longer, slower burn, rather than a "sharper" spiciness of Thai. I ...
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What is coriander root and where can you get it?

I mentioned the book Thai Food in an answer to another question. This reminded me of one of my longest running quandaries with it. Many of the recipes mention “coriander root”. I am aware of being ...
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1 answer

What does a Thai Scented Candle impart?

Amazon Link There is a traditional cookie that is pretty much just a thick sugar cookie that is baked and then put in a covered bowl with the candle overnight. I ran into it because I was looking at ...
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3 answers

How to store tamarind paste?

I bought some tamarind paste the other day, and I am wondering how should I store it once opened, as the package does not say anything special. Should I put it in the fridge? Store it in an airtight ...
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4 answers

Cracking coconut cream

I have several recepies which call for cracking coconut cream (Thai curries). I used to just fry the curry paste and add coconut cream (or coconut milk) which produces reasonable results, but on ...
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7 votes
6 answers

Why is garam masala in many curry paste/powder recipes?

Garam masala, of course, is a blend of warming spices. However, many of those spices are listed individually in recipes for curry pastes and powders that also call for garam masala. Since most garam ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How can one use Thai basil stems and flowers?

What parts, besides the leaves of Thai Basil, are usable? I am making Thai Basil Chicken (Gai Pad Krapow) using the leaves but can I use the stems and flowers as well?
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Why did my peanut butter sauce split?

I made a peanut butter sauce/marinade for some tofu bits, with peanut butter, soy sauce and pineapple juice. It tasted good and was the right creamy texture when I put the tofu in it. After a couple ...
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Which drinks fit to a Thai Dish? [closed]

I plan to cook a thai dish this weekend and I search for drinks to serve along to that. In particular it will be a chicken dish with lemon gras. This is forked from another question of mine.
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