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Appropriate Thickness and Consistency for Quality Restaurant Stock

One thing about making meat stock that I find consistently challenging is how to gauge the correct thickness and consistency of the stock after its initial simmer. As expected, I find this varies ...
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Understanding cold-blended cheese dip being runny but setting overnight

I made a cheese dip by blending sour cream with soft goat cheese and some flavorings. The sour cream was mildly firm; blending did not warm up the mixture. It came out as a liquid. I set it up to ...
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Jammed Jar Spigot

I was experimenting with a continuous brew injera (Ethiopian sourdough pancake) and it was doing excellently dispensing the 1st time. When I dispensed enough I wiped the mouth and that was it, I didn'...
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Sushi rolls keep getting thin

I'm learning how to make sushi and the last problem I always get now is that my rolls end up getting too thin. I follow the guides I found on the internet to split the seaweed in half and put the ...
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Reducing fat content in thick chicken stock

My chicken stock is very gelatinous (good) but it didn't have a layer of fat to skim off. How can I reduce the fat content?
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How to make microwaved porridge thicker

In the morning, I usually have porridge with a bit of fruit. The issue is that the porridge oats always seem to retain their shape and never become very sticky, even after I leave it for a few seconds ...
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Coconut yoghurt too thick

I've been trying to make a creamy coconut yoghurt in an incubator. Ingredients: Water Coconut milk powder Small amount of store-bought coconut yoghurt The first time it came out too thin. The next ...
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Why is maple syrup less viscous than other liquid sugars?

I really enjoy making this recipe for oatmeal-raisin cookies: However, I'm based in the UK, where maple syrup is much more ...
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recipe asks for fideo pasta number 0 thickness

i have a recipe that lists fideo pasta 0 thickness for the pasta. where can I find this pasta?
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Lace cookies TOO thin?

I tried to make (I used bee honey not date honey) and they taste GREAT, but they did not come out right....
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Making drinkable yogurt

I like the taste and consistency of danactive drinkable yogurt. Google searches on making drinkable yogurt suggests adding water or milk to store bought "set" yogurt. Another said to use kefir and ...
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What is the difference between a thickener and an emulsifier?

I ask this because I have used a minuscule amount of Xanthan Gum to slightly thicken a chilli sauce I have made. However upon looking at the ingredients of many popular chilli sauces they all tend to ...
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How thick should be the sponge for a swiss roll?

How thick should be the sponge for a swiss roll to roll easily without breaking and hold its shape? I saw some pictures that look perfect and then some where the sponge looks too thick. How do I ...
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