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What supermarket fish is good for frying, besides tilapia?

I've been frying tilapia fillets in flour for a while and I like it, easy and tasty, just getting a bit tired of the same fish. Is there any other fish available in most supermarkets that is just as ...
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Lime on Fish tastes Bitter

I recently cooked tilapia in foil packets. I used Season All, and topped eached filet with guajillo salsa (flavored with lime) and lime slices. I noticed a bitter aftertaste when I was eating the ...
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can Tilapia replace salmon in recipes and taste good?

I have a few recipes for salmon, and a freezer full of tilapia. Can I just use the tilapia instead of salmon? It's for things like "salmon and rosemary", and "poached salmon with cucumber dill sauce" ...
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At which temperature and how long should I cook tilapia on the grill?

I have never done tilapia on the grill. At which temperature, and how long should I cook it?
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Preparation Techniques for Tilapia Filets

In my freezer, I have two thin tilapia filets that need to be eaten. I realize that I can: wrap them in foil with seasoning and cook bake or broil them with butter, wine, lemon juice, and/or other ...
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Can tilapia replace sole?

I discovered tilapia, and started to like it. Could I use tilapia for recipes that require sole?
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