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How do I find a toaster that doesn't "leak" crumbs from the bottom?

Every toaster I've owned seems to "leak" crumbs from the bottom, requiring constant clean up. You could put it into a tray of some sort but unless you 3D-print one, its hard to find a tray ...
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Should I use my toaster oven for slow roasting?

I have a couple small tomatoes (about the size of a plum tomato) that I'm thinking of trying to oven-dry to see if we like them. Most recipes I've seen call for roasting them in the oven for 4-6 hours ...
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How can I reheat Onion Bhajis without an oven or hub to make them crispy?

The UK lunch culture being what it is, microwaveable ready meals and snacks are a big thing, and most companies have a microwave and a toaster. While that works well for store-bought ready meal ...
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Compact steel toaster ovens without glass?

Are there any compact, counter-top, steel toaster ovens that do not have glass windows? The closest I've been able to find are Wisco's pizza ovens, but I would like something smaller (sandwich/pannini ...
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Butter melt inside the toaster

My toaster is smoking and activating the fire alarm. I tried to clean the tray and the dust from the inside. I shook it pretty much and many black "things" came out. Although, it's still smoking. I ...
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How to cook waffles intended for freezer-then-toaster?

I intend to cook a bunch of waffles to be stored in the freezer and later retrieved for warming in a toaster or on the racks of a hot oven. I want a homemade version of an Eggo. Should I initially ...
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59 votes
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What does the "bagel" setting on toasters do?

Usually, I put slices of bread in my toaster. Sometimes, I toast bagels. On my toaster, there's a little button that says "bagel". How does this setting toast the bagel differently?
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Toasting bagel in my oven

How much energy am I wasting by toasting my bagel in my big oven? Should I get a toaster?
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5 answers

How to clean a toaster from inside?

This is the toaster that I have. I wish to clean it from inside. It has got a kind of wire mesh inside it. What's the way out?
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What are the benefits, if any, of using a pizza stone in a toaster oven?

My Oven Toaster Grill. From here: What kind of bakery items do not get horribly affected by electricity going off when the item is still in oven? Toaster ovens have far less thermal mass to ride ...
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must I toast bread over a flame or are HOT toasters still made somewhere? [closed]

I am tired of waiting and getting only dehydrated bread with a hint of color. Toasters these days just don't get hot enough! My sister has the family GE model we grew up with and having toast at her ...
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