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When should I reduce tomato purée to brick red or stop midway?

In order to make tomato purée from scratch, tomatoes are boiled and then ground in a grinder to make a paste. As mentioned here, usually as I have been taught, one must always reduce the tomato paste ...
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How much baking soda should I add to a cup of hunts tomato sauce to neutralize the acid?

I have Hunts 100% natural no salt added tomato sauce. There is only one variety that Huntz makes that says "Tomato Sauce". I am wondering how much baking soda will be enough to neutralize ...
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Can I use tomato paste in dal?

My current method for making an Indian dal include using whole peeled tomatoes, almost always canned. Would substituting Tomato Paste, the thick stuff from cans, change the taste, and if so, how? I ...
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