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Can you add cheese to a veloute?

Nacho time! The urge to make nachos overtakes you, and you set to make them excellent. But alas, seems like you've forgotten to get milk! You can't create a proper Mornay (cheese) sauce, since you can'...
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Are there any particular type of corn chips that are made from masa flour?

I am wondering if the type "Mexican Style" or "Restauant Style" or "Tortilla" corn chips also means they are made from masa flour? I cannot tell from the ingredients ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Baked tortilla chips: how to make them quicker and more consistent?

I like to make corn tortilla chips by cutting up store-bought tortillas and baking them at 350 for ~20-25 minutes without oil or salt. However, I've found that the last few minutes are highly variable ...
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How can I make my baked tortilla chips crispier?

We make our own tortilla chips by sectioning up tortillas and baking them in a bit of oil and seasoning at about 375˚ F for 12 minutes. The outsides get nice and crispy but the insides of the thicker ...
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6 answers

What can I make with the broken corn chips at the bottom of the bag?

Once I've eaten all the biggish chips with salsa, there are a bunch of small-to-crumb sized corn chips left. I always think I'll eat them plain later, but I happen to want more salsa now...and they ...
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5 answers

Can I make my chips crunchy again after they have gone soggy?

Sometimes I forget that bag of salsa chips open and with the summer weather they go soggy. How do I get them crunchy again before the guacamole is all gone?
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