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How can I make corn tortillas as thin as store bought?

From watching videos and going to local Mexican restaurant, it seems the tortillas are much thinner than how I am able to get them when I try to make them at home. Should I be pressing harder all the ...
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Tortilla press geometry problems

I have a fairly typical Mexican-made tortilla press, and I've had it for a while. It works of course, but there's a persistent problem of the part of the tortilla at the hinge end of the press ending ...
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Is It Possible to make corn tortillas at home without a press?

I don't own a tortilla press and until I have more cabinet space, one is not in my future. However I value making as much as I can from scratch and love using tortillas in my cooking. I have made ...
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How to Get a Nice, Round Home-made Corn Tortilla

My corn tortillas have been turning out great in taste but the shape is not so good. I have a press that works OK, but I think it may be part of the problem. The tortillas always have jagged edges, ...
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